Year 4 Liturgy

Year 4 had their first liturgy all about ‘People’. We gathered together to celebrate the special people in our lives and remembered how we are all part of God’s family. The children worked very hard to prepare this liturgy and had a lot of fun choosing the hymns they thought we best! Well done, Year 4!


The Mission Team Liturgy

The Mission Team planned and delivered this week’s Liturgy. The children decided to read the Gospel from Matthew 25: 35-40 all about looking after others such as giving people food when they are hungry and water when they are thirsty.

The children then created a focal point based around this Gospel.

Well done Mission Team!


Year 3 class liturgy

Year 3 had their first liturgy on Wednesday to remember those less fortunate on World Day of the  Poor. We greatly appreciate all your kind donations for Newcastle food bank.
The children worked really hard and as a result delivered a fantastic collective worship!

Anti Bullying Week

As this week is anti bullying week we started our day by holding an in class liturgy. I prepared a reading and left everything else up to the class!

Gather: We stood in a circle and held hands whilst listening to quiet music.

Listen: We listened as some of the children took turns to read aloud the reading. The reading was from the Gospel according to John 13:34-35

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another,”

Respond: We then cut out a hand shape and wrote a prayer on it to help remind us to love one another and treat others as we wish to be treated. Following this we said our prayer aloud whilst dropping a prayer pebble into some water.

Go Forth: Going forward we promised to try our best to love everyone and be a good friend.

What a lovely start to the week!

Statement to Live by

This week, the Mission Team planned and delivered a wonderful Statement to Live by liturgy. We celebrated the winners of this weeks statement to live by which was ‘I know how to look after myself’. The Mission Team then read the Gospel according to Matthew 22:36-39. The children discussed the reasons why we should try to love your neighbour as yourself and how we can do this. Some of the Year 4 children also prepared a fantastic video relating to the Good Samaritan, which showed that a mother and child and a teenager were too preoccupied to help an elderly lady who was struggling with her shopping bags and wanted to call a taxi to get home. In the end, a window cleaner (who was busy at work) stopped and helped the lady kindly. You can view the video of the Year 4 children on our facebook page. Again, this was a very clear message that although we are busy in everyday life, we should always try and look after others. We ended our Liturgy with a fantastic song that the children love to sing  ‘My Lighthouse’.

Preparations Liturgy

Today, we have begun to explore our next RE topic ‘Preparations’. During this unit, we will be learning that Advent is a time when we appreciate the love in our lives and prepare to celebrate love becoming a reality in the person of Jesus. Christians at Christmas celebrate the gift of Jesus, given by God as a sign and expression of God’s love. Giving and receiving reflects the truth that all life is given by God and life is given meaning through the gift of Jesus.

During our class liturgy, we conducted the following to introduce ourselves to the true meaning of preparing for Christmas.


GATHER: We will breathe in God’s peace, breathe our any worries
LISTEN: A reading based on Isaiah 9: 2-6
RESPOND: We will offer up ways to prepare for Advent. Some children will also offer up short prayers they have written – Help us to prepare…Let’s think of people who are lonely at Christmas, and try to think of ways to help.
GO FORTH: We will go forth with the message of Jesus’ coming, to share with our families and friends.

Click the links below to watch some wonderful videos of our learning.

IMG_1641     IMG_1640     IMG_1633     IMG_1630 (1)

Image result for advent wreathImage result for crucifixImage result for nativity sceneImage result for baby jesus

By this time, we were so excited that we had to listen to a Christmas carol to celebrate!

Today, the children planned the liturgy which will be happening during tomorrow’s statement to live by. The children chose the following:


Gather: Join together as a school and sing our first hymn ‘Thank you Lord’.

Word: To read the Gospel according to Matthew 22: 36 – 39.

Response: Say the Our Father.

Mission: To love one another as ourselves. Sing our final hymn, ‘My Lighthouse’.

The children also created a beautiful focal point based around our new statement to live by which is ‘I try to love others as I love myself’ which links perfectly to the Gospel the children chose to read.

Well done Mission Team for all your hard work and we look forward to your whole school liturgy tomorrow!

Year 4 Prayer Garden – Reconciliation

Today, the children visited the prayer garden to take some time to have a quiet moment of peaceful reflection. We focussed on saying sorry, in relation to our recent R.E topic ‘Reconciliation’ and discussed ways in which we can show we are truly sorry for something we have done wrong. The children then thought of something they would like to sorry for to God, and prayed for his forgiveness. Following this, we shared a prayer from our class prayer book to reflect on penance and asking for God’s love and care.


Remembrance Day Liturgy led by the Mission Team

The Mission Team planned and delivered the Remembrance Day Liturgy in front of the whole school. The children decided on how everyone would gather, the word they would like to share from our Gospel readings, the response and how to go forth. The Mission Team played a very important role of accepting each class candle at the beginning of the Liturgy, placing the wreath onto the focal point and singing and dancing to the final hymn, Thank you Lord. We are very proud teachers – well done Mission Team! To see the children in action, please click on the link below!


Thank you Lord

Baptism Class Liturgy

This week, Year 2 have been also completed their liturgical celebration of our Signs & Symbols unit, celebrating the topic of baptism. We have gathered today in prayer to reflect and share on this topic, and focused upon the story of Jesus’ baptism at the hands of John.

Gather: We gathered together with the sign of the cross

Listen: The story of Jesus’ baptism by John

Response: Completing a ‘baptismal wishes’ activity

Go Forth: We wrote promises to try to be worthy of being in God’s family