Healthy Teeth

Following on from our healthy eating week, we have been looking at how to keep our teeth healthy. We talked about using a toothbrush to clean our teeth and how you can get different sizes. Some children ‘switch on their toothbrush’. We discussed why we clean our teeth – ‘if we didn’t they would be dirty and fall out’. We counted how many teeth the children have and how many an adult has. If we eat too many sweets our teeth will go black and rotten. We clean our teeth in a morning and at bedtime. A brace is used to keep your teeth straight.
They then listened to stories about visiting a dentist.
Well done Pre-school – you know how to look after your teeth!!!

Forest School

Today in forest school, the children have been very busy. They have used tools to fix the willow fence. They have been leaf and flower spotting, as well as bug hunting. They made mud to jump in muddy puddles, then made delicious looking mud pies. Just before lunch, they spotted a huge black rain cloud!!!

We’re going on a bear hunt

Following on from our story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ we had our own bear hunt in the forest school today. We went through long wavy grass, a deep cold river, thuck oozy mud, a big dark forest, a swirling whirling snowstorm, a narrow gloomy cave – and we found a bear!!!! “We’re so lucky, we found a bear”

We have lots of names for the bear – Sophie, Emily, Emmy, Teddy, Ted, Jessica, Tizzy and Terry!!!!!

Healthy Eating Week

Last week we had our healthy eating week. As well as our delicious pick & mix fruit sale, here are some of the other activities we did.
We looked at foods and decided if they were healthy or non healthy.
We picture matched lots of different foods.
We did exercise to keep us healthy, with a health & fitness DVD.
We had a food quiz.
We made a picture collage of healthy and non healthy foods.
We had a food tasting session.


The children wanted a waterfall!!! So they got guttering, cable reels, tyres, giant dishes and a watering can – and they got their waterfall.

Fruit Sale

Thank you to EVERYONE who supported our fruit sale today – either by donating fruit or children buying a cup.
Tomorrow Pre-school are doing food tasting – all part of our healthy eating week

Favourite things to do

Exploring sand/water, building, role playing, exploring, painting – all things we love to do in Pre-school


Outdoor play

We like to climb and balance!!!

Forest School

Forest School – in the sunshine. The children love exploring!!!