Summer fun

What a difference the sunny, warm weather makes. The children have loved exploring outdoors and the forest school.

Easter Eggs

Today was our Easter egg competition – well done to all the children in Pre-school. The eggs were ALL amazing. Our winners were 1st – Kai, 2nd – Daisy, 3rd – Lenny


Easter egg hunt

Yesterday we had a Easter egg hunt.
The children looked for numbered eggs and put them in the correct numbered pot. Next the children looked for eggs – there was lots of problem solving as there was only one chick and one egg for each child. They had to share to make sure everyone got them. Then the Easter Bunny surprised us all by leaving chocolate eggs.

Outdoors in the sun!!

After a busy morning of mass, then the penny challenge it was nice to get outdoors this afternoon and enjoy the sunshine!!


Penny Challenge

Today was our annual Lenten Penny Challenge. The sun was out and the yard was packed with children & staff eager to get started with their line of pennies. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, parishioners and family members who came to support and help us. Father Dixon was judge for the best/longest line – Congratulations to year 4!


Last week some of our indoor activities included: matching pairs game, water play, painting and drawing some of our favourite places to visit

Forest school

Forest school – the children have had a lovely muddy afternoon. They have had lots of fun ‘squelching in the mud’, climbing up trees, playing in the mud and playing hide & seek.

Fun in the snow

In Pre-school the children have enjoyed playing in the last remains of snow. They’ve built with it, climbed up and painted it!!
They had lots of fun experimenting with colours
“Red & yellow make orange” “I’ve got green & red. It’s making brown” “Its made a rainbow”