Some children were making volcanoes in the sand and they wanted to know more!!! So we looked on the internet at volcanoes then we decided to make our own…..
“It shoots lava out” “It’s hot” “Fire, lava and smoke comes out” and “It smells like bread”

Big Garden Birdwatch – Day five

Our final day of the Big Garden Birdwatch with the RSPB. We finished the week with a lovely walk around the school grounds, using our binoculars. What did you see? – “birds, birds nest, car and lorry” What was the birds nest made of? – “sticks, eggs, mud, straw and worms” Where will we hang our bird food? – “in the tree”


Big Garden Birdwatch – Day four

Day 4 – Big Garden Birdwatch. Today we have made binoculars.
“We need two together to make binoculars, not one”
What do we use binoculars for -“To look for things”, “To look for the nest”, “We looking for animals”, “See birds” and “I’ll find birds at my house”

Big Garden Birdwatch – Day Three

Day 3 – Big Garden Birdwatch. Today’s activities were a matching game, looking at sizes of birds and dot to dot. Some things we are observing about birds :
“That’s a robin, Its got a red face” “Eagles look for food” “Snap – that’s the same blue tail” “The feathers look blacky grey”

Big Garden Birdwatch – Day Two

Day two of Big Garden Birdwatch – paper plate birds. Continuing with our birdwatch we spoke about where birds live ‘in trees’ and ‘they sleep in nests’. What do birds look like ‘they have eyes, wings and feathers’. Why do they eat worms – ‘because they are hungry’

Big Garden Birdwatch – Day One

Day one of Big Garden Birdwatch – we made bird feeders using orange skins, yoghurt pots and pine cones. We talked about why we feed birds and what food birds eat.
When making the food we talked about how it felt, how it smelt and what it looked like. This is what the children said “It felt squishy, hard, warm and sticky” ” It smelt like cheese, ice cream, crackers, butter” “The lard looked like butter and glue”

Foggy walk

Friday morning was very foggy and the children couldn’t see the school field. We wrapped up in our coats, hats and mittens put on our wellies and off we went for a walk. We practised road safety by looking both ways. We found some flowers that were wet and felt soft. We listened to different sounds such as birds, cars and dogs. We spotted a bus. Then the fog started to clear and we could see much better.

First week of 2018!!!

Our first week back – Happy New Year to you all!! We’ve come back bursting with energy and great imaginations. We’re loving super heroes- making masks and back packs!, making dinosaur and animal worlds, painting, birthday cakes with playdough, water play, parachute play and so much more.

End to 2017 Celebration

Once again can I thank all of Pre-school staff for our recent Ofsted OUTSTANDING rating. As well as thank you to our families (past & present), Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School and most importantly all of our Little Hearts children.