Handwriting Superstars!

Today, we have had 4 new handwriting pens awarded in Year 2. Congratulations to these children for all the hard work that has gone into beginning cursive handwriting this year.

If you are excited to get your pen license, take a look at what we are looking for.

Congratulations again, Year 2!

Year of Mary

As part of our celebration of the Year of Mary, Year 2 have today created their class focal point.

The theme of World Youth Day 2017 was taken from Our Lady’s song of praise, the Magnificat, ‘The Mighty One has done great things for me’. The Pope has chosen to focus on Mary for the next two years’ World Youth celebrations, culminating in Panama in 2019. Pope Francis has asked young people to journey with Mary, describing her as ‘a role model to be imitated’.

This month, we have discussed what we already know about Mary:
‘She is Jesus’ Mother’
‘She is a very holy lady’
‘We say prayers for her’
We also worked during quiet music to create celebration cards, featuring Mary, to show our love for her. We then added scripture to our selections and our teacher transformed them into a wonderful prayer chain! This has been added to our focal point in class and will help us to remember Mary and her many virtues.
Please join us in this month’s prayer:

Lord Jesus, We remember how you healed the sick, the lame, the blind.

Send your love and mercy to all people who are suffering.

Give them courage, healing and strength.

We thank you for all doctors and nurses and for all who look after the sick.

Give them wisdom, skill and patience as they bring help and care to those in need.

Help us to share your love and mercy through our prayer and support.

We ask Our Lady of Lourdes to be with those in pain, that they may feel her comfort and love.


Plant Posters

Today, we have been celebrating our learning about plants. We worked in small groups with fact files to support our learning and were challenged with making a poster about one of the parts of a plant.

We had to put the information into our own words and also use pictures to help younger learners understand what we had learnt about. What an exciting way to learn!


Multiplication and Division

We have been busy!

As part of our work on multiplication and division, Year 2 have been helping poor, old Barnaby Bear sort out his smelly socks! He uses these socks to help him with his times tables, so we have decorated him some new ones, sorted them into multiplicative order and have strung them up in the classroom.

Hopefully, this will help Barnaby (as well as Year 2) when he is doing his times tables work.

It’s Competition Time!

At Sacred Heart, we are taking part in a Creative Writing Competition this half term, whereby the winning child will win a Living Eggs Incubator for the school. The children could also win various runner up prizes.
If you are interested, we are asking children to submit a piece of creative writing; such as a short story (300 words max) or a poem (70 words max). Entries are to go to Miss Bray by Monday 19th February 2018, with winners announced on Tuesday 20th February 2018.
The writing could be on anything you like, although we think Easter, Spring and New Life are all fantastic themes.
Get writing!

What a Wonderful World!

Look at our fantastic work!

To celebrate our new Creative unit, we have been learning about the world around us, and the continents in particular.

Great work, team.

Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?

Today, the children have been learning about ‘Barnaby’. Barnaby is our class mascot for this unit of Creative, and he has been on his travels again. This time, he has travelled on an aeroplane to visit the continent we live in – Europe – and has spent some time visiting France. We have looked at the location of The UK and England in relation to other European countries.

Where is Europe? Where is our country? What other countries are nearby? Have you been to visit any countries in Europe? As part of our lesson, we have discussed different European countries and have identified some using atlases and maps for support.


The Owl and the Pussycat

Today, we have been working in groups and pairs to plan, rehearse and perform short sections of the traditional poem The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. We used our earlier sessions on reciting the poem to help our performances and we also came up with dialogue between the characters to enhance the story.  What are the characters talking about? The main focus of this lesson was recalling the key aspects of the poem, and we tried very hard to use our best speaking voices while performing so that so that the listeners could hear us clearly and were following our version of events.

Mini Vinnies Food Collection

Thank you to all the school community who donated food for our collection this Autumn term. The Mini Vinnies have been collecting all the food and making a note of the items donated from each class. The winning class was Year 3 with 52 items donated who will now receive an extra break in the final week of term. Well done! The Mini Vinnies met Frances on Friday morning who collects food for Stanley Food Bank. We brought all the food over to Church where we helped Frances count and move the food into her car to drop off. This will make a real difference to lots of families this Christmas.

Christmas Celebration Concert

Well, that’s a wrap on our Christmas Celebration Concert 2017. Well done to all the children, who have represented our school so beautifully today, and have worked their socks off over the past few weeks in order to prepare our Advent concert for friends, families and parish alike.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Advent with us. Sacred Heart, as a staff, hope that you have enjoyed the event, which some Governors and parents have kindly called our best concert yet. A huge thank you to Miss Cook for all her hard work with the graphics, and congratulations are due to every single child for braving the season’s coughs and sneezes to perform with their hearts and souls.

The children of Y1 performed wonderfully as our Nativity characters and our Y5/6 soloists did an excellent job. What fantastic voices!

Well done everyone. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Miss Bray