Museum Visit

This week, Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Hancock Museum to investigate and consolidate our learning on dinosaurs and mammoths, while also discovering the wealth of other learning opportunities available on site. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the museum, and came up with some wonderful questions. We can’t wait to find out more soon.

World Book Day celebrations in Year 2

Today, although belated, we have been celebrating World Book Day at Sacred Heart!

We have recognised the wonder of a good book through our whole school assembly, where all children and staff got to proudly display their costumes.

We then had a morning full of book-themed fun. In Year 2, we conducted a scavenger hunt in Guided Reading, searching for key characters and story elements in our favourite books. In Numeracy, we completed multiplication match-ups, where the children had to investigate their times tables and colour code the mammoth’s bubbles to match the correct answers. In Literacy, we completed book reviews to analyse the text, followed by an afternoon packed-full of practical, crafting fun!

KS1 completed a cycle of activities with all of the teachers from Little Hearts Nursery, through both Reception classes, to Years and 2 and had a whale of a time creating dinosaur plates, making bookmarks and designing hairstyles for our woolly mammoth. Happy World Book Day, everyone!

PE in Year 2

PE in Year 2

Today, Year 2 have had their first PE lesson on their new unit. Their task was to explore different methods of travel across, around and over different obstacles. We used climbing horses, benches, mats and floor work to provide a wealth of different opportunities. Throughout this unit, we will be learning about travel, distance, balance and much more. We can’t wait to see what these videos look like after our learning.

Click to watch the video of our learning!

Spelling Games

Today, we have been practicing our recognition of common exception and high frequency words by sight through the play of many fun games.

In Lily pad Leapfrog, the children worked in teams to play hopscotch and other playground themed games, with a spelling twist. Each group received a set of cards and a beanbag, and were asked to choose a word, score a point with the beanbag, and spell that word out loud. The children then pretended to be frogs sitting in the middle of a large lake. In order to stay in the game, they hopped to the lily pad called out without falling in the water. The child then called out the sight word. He should read it, then spell it and read it again. For example, “ARE. A-R-E. ARE.” A fellow frog then found a new word.  Play continued until all words have been practiced within the group. After hopping, children practiced writing the words on the lily pad record sheet.

We were even lucky enough to play many more spelling and reading games today, including: Glitter Write, Paintbrush Spelling, Shoot and Score, Scrabble and Go Fish. What fun!


Stained glass windows

This week, we have been discussing responses and how important they are in the Catholic faith.

We talked about when and why we say litanies and what they mean, and spent some reflective time creating stained glass windows, which we decorated with popular responses.

Join us in prayer.

Loving God, in the midst of our daily lives, we remember.
We remember, O God.
As we worry about getting to stay up late, having to share our room, or needing a bigger closet to hold all of our toys, we remember children who don’t have a room, a place to sleep, or even a shelter to call home.
We remember, O God.

As we worry about buying name-brand clothes, sports shoes, compact discs, and computer games, we remember families who have no money to buy clothes, shoes, music, or toys.
We remember, O God.

As we worry about taking out the bins, doing the dishes and getting told off, we remember kids who have been abused, abandoned, or don’t
have a family to call their own.
We remember, O God.

As we worry about homework, taking quizzes, and turning in science projects, we remember children who don’t have a school, pencils, papers, books,
or other opportunities to learn.
We remember, O God.

Lenten Reflection

To celebrate and recognise this Holy time of Lent, Year 2 have been discovering Jesus’ journey through the desert.

“We give up things because Jesus gave himself up for our sins.”

“I am going to help my Mammy more to make God happy.”

“I am going to make a quilt with my Mammy and give it to charity.”

Please join us in prayer.

I Will Turn

Lord, I will turn,
Turn my face towards you.
I will lay before you the desert areas I hide
And turn to soak in your refreshing words of life.
I will cast aside the barren, selfish pursuits
And turn to rest in the tranquil warmth of your love.
I will draw back from the harsh pull of media
And turn to bathe in the gentle power of your Spirit.
Lord, today I turn my face towards you.

I will turn
To soak in your words of life,
To rest in the warmth of your love,
And to bathe in the power of your Spirit.

Lastly, we completed some Lenten promises to mark this liturgical season, and have displayed them on our prayer tables. These promises will also be offered up in Mass this week  from all classes.

Using commas in lists

Today, we have worked as a class to revise the rules on commas in lists. These were our class practice lists:

“I went to the shop and I bought some cherries, a packet of crisps, some strawberries, a Nintendo Switch, some apples, some chocolate and some grapes.”

“At the shop I bought some ham, some strawberries, a turkey, a jigsaw, some chicken and a PS4.”

We then had the challenge of writing our own shopping lists which included correct punctuation.

“You have to use commas between each object on the list”

“I find it tricky to remember the and, but I’m trying my hardest.”

Handwriting Superstars!

Today, we have had 4 new handwriting pens awarded in Year 2. Congratulations to these children for all the hard work that has gone into beginning cursive handwriting this year.

If you are excited to get your pen license, take a look at what we are looking for.

Congratulations again, Year 2!

Year of Mary

As part of our celebration of the Year of Mary, Year 2 have today created their class focal point.

The theme of World Youth Day 2017 was taken from Our Lady’s song of praise, the Magnificat, ‘The Mighty One has done great things for me’. The Pope has chosen to focus on Mary for the next two years’ World Youth celebrations, culminating in Panama in 2019. Pope Francis has asked young people to journey with Mary, describing her as ‘a role model to be imitated’.

This month, we have discussed what we already know about Mary:
‘She is Jesus’ Mother’
‘She is a very holy lady’
‘We say prayers for her’
We also worked during quiet music to create celebration cards, featuring Mary, to show our love for her. We then added scripture to our selections and our teacher transformed them into a wonderful prayer chain! This has been added to our focal point in class and will help us to remember Mary and her many virtues.
Please join us in this month’s prayer:

Lord Jesus, We remember how you healed the sick, the lame, the blind.

Send your love and mercy to all people who are suffering.

Give them courage, healing and strength.

We thank you for all doctors and nurses and for all who look after the sick.

Give them wisdom, skill and patience as they bring help and care to those in need.

Help us to share your love and mercy through our prayer and support.

We ask Our Lady of Lourdes to be with those in pain, that they may feel her comfort and love.


Plant Posters

Today, we have been celebrating our learning about plants. We worked in small groups with fact files to support our learning and were challenged with making a poster about one of the parts of a plant.

We had to put the information into our own words and also use pictures to help younger learners understand what we had learnt about. What an exciting way to learn!