Year 5/6 Football

Well done to the Year 5/6 boys who took part in a football tournament at Fellside Primary School this week. The boys came up against four other teams in a cup format. They had two losses to start in two tight games; losing to xxx 2-0 and xxx 1-0. They boys never lost heart though and kept on working hard and results improved with a 0-0 draw against xxx. The final game was an epic with a 5-2 victory against xxx. Danny, Evan and Luke with the goals for Sacred Heart. Well done boys. Keep training hard for the next tournament in a few weeks!

Sacred Heart Team: Luke Jacob W Owen Lucas Jacob D Cruz Evan Jay Daniel Filip Danny Ryan

Today in year 5, we had some very special visitors from the Low Incidence Needs Team to talk to us about hearing impairment. Jenni Devine – a teacher of the deaf – and Anne Clark – a specialist learning mentor – were able to come into class and help us understand a little bit more about those who have a hearing impairment.

One of the newest members of our class, Grace Grant, has a moderate hearing impairment herself so it was a great way to educate the class (and staff) on what we can do to help her.

We played various games and watched videos to help demonstrate how hearing can be effected.

Anne and Grace then went around the class with some old hearing aids for us to listen to, to see the differences it has. We noticed that even the little noises in the background were amplified with the hearing aids making it a bit more difficult to concentrate on what the speaker was saying to us.

We are now going to share what we have learnt with the rest of the school.

Grace is one of three children that we currently have at Sacred Heart Primary School with a hearing impairment so we feel everyone would benefit from knowing this information.

Thanks again to Jenni and Anne for taking the time to speak to us!

100% Attendance

Today was the first opportunity that we have had since coming back to get a whole class photo taken!

Don’t we all look smart. Let’s hope that we can all stay in good health for the rest of the week, Miss Reid would love us to have 100% attendance by Friday so we can have some extra time at break and possibly hold our own talent show in the yard!

Birthday Celebrations!

Today we celebrated Matthew Nicholls and Daniel Cook turning 10!

There was cake and sweets for everyone! Thank you for bringing goodies in for your classmates, boys. We hope you enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

First Day of Year 5

Today was our first day in year 5 with our new teacher, Miss Reid.

We began the day by sharing our favourite summer moments before discussing what we can do this year to be a great classmate! The whole class agreed that they will be polite, friendly and helpful pupils this year.

Mr Naughton held a welcome back assembly for us before break which was indoor due to the rain, boo.

After break we came back to class and started to think about the many talents that we have. Everyone was given 3 strips of paper to write down 3 things they believe themselves to be good at. We had everything from Taekwondo to smiling! Over lunch time, Miss Reid attached all of our talents together which made a paper chain that was the length of the classroom!

We’re going to ask Mr Dixon very kindly if he can hang it up for us across the classroom ceiling to help remind us what we can achieve when we all work together.

Year 5 Victorian Assembly

The Year 5 children did a fantastic job on Friday when they delivered their assembly on The Victorians. The children have been studying The Victorians this year as part of their creative work and have been learning all about this amazing era. They used roleplay to highlight how tough life was for children in those days. They focused on one girl in particular – Lizzie Dowson – a girl who actually lived in the Victorian times in the Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle. They followed Lizzie’s life as she went to school, saw a Punch and Judy show and went to work in the lead factory where she died. They followed this with a court case where the children debated who was to blame for her death. Great job Year 5!

Year Of Oscar Romero – July

The theme for July was based around Oscar Romero’s words ‘Aspire not to have more, but to be more’. The children thought about they could aspire to be more as they approach the end of another academic year and their final year in primary school approaching. The children completed an engaging activity to help them think about this as they created their very own ‘chatterbox’. The children had a chatterbox template with eight numbered statements; each one a saying from Oscar Romero. The children wrote in the corresponding numbered triangle what they were going to try to do to fulfil that statement. They also coloured in the four corners in an El Salvadorian Cross Style using bright colours. Once they had done this, the children used the chatterboxes on each other to share their personal thoughts and feelings. To finish, we came back together as a class and said a prayer together.

Year of Oscar Romero – June

The children came into school in non-uniform on the 29th June to celebrate the ‘Day of Many Colours’ – run by Mission Together. This linked in to the Year of Oscar Romero for June. The children began by watching a short assembly presentation which highlighted how Mission Together carry out fundraising to help children all around the world. The children then prayed together for the children in different continents. They used these prayers as inspiration to write their very own own mission prayers which were shared with the class. Finally they coloured in a flag template to create their very own Mission flag.

The children brought some money into school which they spent in the afternoon at a cake sale with some of the proceeds being given to those most in need.

Ouseburn Valley Trip

The Year 5 children had a great time visiting the Ouseburn Valley on Thursday as part of their creative work on the Victorians. We began our trip by taking a trip down the Victoria tunnel and learning all about how it was used in Victorian times. After some lunch, we explored some more of the Ouseburn and investigated how things have changed since the times of Lizzie Dowson – a  young girl who died through lead poisoning many years ago. To finish, we visited the Ouseburn farm and handled some of the animals. Fantastic!

Transformation Liturgy

A big well done to the children of Year 5 who shared their transformation liturgy on Wednesday. The children discussed the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the spirit that they possessed. Thank you as well to the parents and carers that came to see the liturgy.