Kensuke’s Kingdom Debate

Following our lesson on researching what Michael’s bedroom might have looked like in 1988, the children took part in a class debate. We recapped the end of the first chapter of Kensuke’s Kingdom: Michael was off on a round the world trip on a boat. We discussed that there would be many positives and negatives in doing this. The children were split into two groups, One group thought of arguments for the trip and one group thought of arguments against the trip. The children worked together to think of lots of convincing arguments. After a period of time, the children were invited to stand and read their argument. The opposing side had the opportunity to reply with a counter argument before giving their own argument. The two sides put forward their arguments and counter arguments and these were written on the board. By the end of the lesson, the children had created some compelling arguments on both sides. These will be used in our writing when we create a discussion text later on in the week.

RE roleplay

We began this lesson by discussing how all people are called by God to be special, that is to be holy.

Paul describes some of the qualities of a holy person in his letter to the Colossians 3:12-17. We looked at Paul’s letter together and thought about its meaning. We then answered some key questions to further our understanding:

What qualities does Paul list and which is the most important of all?

How would they help us to be a peacemaker?

Which of those qualities do you admire most and why?

When are people not at peace with one another and why do you think this happens?

Can you think of someone you know who is peacemaker, what do they do?

How could you be a peacemaker?

The children then got into groups to produce some role play with someone acting as a peace maker. They considered why the peace maker might be behaving this way…

Place Value

In our second lesson on ordering and comparing numbers, the children played a game to consolidate their knowledge. We began by recapping place value and how it helps us read big numbers. Next, the children took part in a practical activity. Each child wrote a single digit number on their whiteboards. Two children were picked to play against each other. They took turns to pick a child from the class. They placed the child (and their number) in a place value column ranging from ones to millions. The aim of the game was to make the biggest number possible. The children soon realised that bigger single digit numbers needed to be placed with the higher place value columns and smaller single digit numbers needed to be placed at the lower place value columns. Once all the children had been picked, the class read both numbers. The children then played this game in pairs with cards.

Welcome Back Year 5!

Year 5 have settled in very well this week into their new classroom and a new academic year. The class has welcomed Sophie who has already made lots of new friends. We have been doing lots of activities together this week which has allowed the children to share some of their summer memories and make their own bookmarks! Another activity was drawing self portraits which will be used for our birthdays display. Here are a few examples. Can you guess who they are?!

Year 5/6 Football

A big well done to the mixed Year 5/6 boys team who played at Lobley Hill on Thursday. The boys played four matches in total. They started against Lobley Hill and recorded a dominant 2-0 victory. Next were Washingwell who were beaten in a 1-0 victory for the boys. Riverside followed who grabbed a 1-1 draw by scoring in the last minute. Dunston Hill was the final encounter and the boys battled well to get a 1-0 victory. This left them undefeated and with 10 out of 12 points on the day. Well done!

Year 5 Maths Challenge

Well done to the four Year 5 children who attended the Newcastle High School for Girls on Wednesday for a Maths Challenge. The children were put into pairs and had a variety of Maths challenges to complete in the morning followed by a Maths investigation around the grounds of the school. The children had a great time and finished in 7th and 9th place of 23 teams altogether. Well done!

World Book Day

The children had a great time in the Year 6 classroom on World Book Day. The Year 6 book was ‘Gangsta Granny’. This book has been adapted into a film so we began by watching a short clip of some acting. We used this as inspiration for our very own role-play. We warmed up first by acting out different ages – baby, toddler, teenager and old person. The children moved about in different ways in order to make it clear which age they were. Following this, the children were given an extract from the book: the moment that Ben discovers his Granny’s emeralds and jewels. The children used the extract and added some of their own dialogue and actions. The children then acted this out and showed it to the rest of the class at the end of the lesson. There were some fantastic performances. Well done!

year 5/6 Girls Football

Well done to the girls football team who took part in the Girls Gateshead U11’s tournament on Thursday. The girls showed tremendous spirit and great sportsmanship in all their games and really enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately they didn’t make it past the group stages but had some good matches.

Year 5/6 Football Team

A big well done to the boys and girls of Year 5 and Year 6 who took part in the Gateshead Regional Qualifiers for the Premier League Schools Tournament 2017. The team did brilliantly in the group stages and won their three matches 3-0, 5-0 and 5-3. This meant the team finished top of the group and saw them progress to the semi-final where they put in another fantastic performance to win 5-1! The final awaited and a game against St Mary and St Thomas Aquinas. It was a very tight game with Sacred Heart hitting the woodwork twice. Unfortunately the opposition did manage to score which made them 1-0 winners. It was an unlucky end to a great day.

It’s Competition Time!

At Sacred Heart, we are taking part in a Creative Writing Competition this half term, whereby the winning child will win a Living Eggs Incubator for the school. The children could also win various runner up prizes.
If you are interested, we are asking children to submit a piece of creative writing; such as a short story (300 words max) or a poem (70 words max). Entries are to go to Miss Bray by Monday 19th February 2018, with winners announced on Tuesday 20th February 2018.
The writing could be on anything you like, although we think Easter, Spring and New Life are all fantastic themes.
Get writing!