Captain Cook theme lunch

Today we got to try some Australian food in our Captain Cook themed lunch! Our kitchen staff did a great job at preparing some delicious meals that the children, and some parents, in year 5 absolutely loved! The kangaroo burger was definitely a firm favourite.

Children in Need 2017

Today everyone in year 5, including Miss Reid and Mrs Robinson Crow, brought in their teddy bear for our teddy bears picnic! While the children were in lessons this morning the teddy’s all sat at the back of our class and watched as we learned.

During lunch we all sat together with our picnics! We raised a total of £30 which is amazing, well done year 5!

KS2 Drama Club

This week, we have been inspired by the children’s favourite ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.’

 Visit our school facebook page to watch a video of our work and to see what happened next in the crazy little town of Chew and Swallow…


Today was our eco council plant-a-thon! We were prepared with our forks and trowels to tackle the soil and grass to make way for our new trees.

We had 3 very helpful and enthusiastic volunteers who brought their own tools to help us complete our mission.

Although we planted a lot of the trees, we still have lots left! Since we had so much fun today, Mr Naughton said it would be great if we could do it again to see if we can plant all of the trees that we have! Our parent helpers were sent by Oskar (rec), Eliza (Y2), Matthew O (Y2) and Kate (Y5), who have each been awarded 5 dojo points!

Our next plant-a-thon will be held next Thursday 23rd November from 11am. Please come and help!

Anti Bullying Week

As this week is anti bullying week we started our day by holding an in class liturgy. I prepared a reading and left everything else up to the class!

Gather: We stood in a circle and held hands whilst listening to quiet music.

Listen: We listened as some of the children took turns to read aloud the reading. The reading was from the Gospel according to John 13:34-35

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another,”

Respond: We then cut out a hand shape and wrote a prayer on it to help remind us to love one another and treat others as we wish to be treated. Following this we said our prayer aloud whilst dropping a prayer pebble into some water.

Go Forth: Going forward we promised to try our best to love everyone and be a good friend.

What a lovely start to the week!

KS2 Drama Club

This week, our work has been inspired by the frustrations and excitement of Gervase Phinn’s poem ‘My Story’. The children have devised original scenes set in classrooms, and shouts, giggles and play-acting ensued.

 Visit our school facebook page to watch a video of our work.

My Story by Gervase Phinn

“My story on Monday began:
Mountainous seas crashed on the cliffs,
And the desolate land grew wetter …
The teacher wrote a little note: Remember the capital letter!

My poem on Tuesday began:
Red tongues of fire,
Licked higher and higher
From smoking Etna’s top …
The teacher wrote a little note: Where is your full stop?

My story on Wednesday began:
Through the lonely, pine-scented wood
There twists a hidden path …
The teacher wrote a little note: Start a paragraph!

My poem on Thursday began:
The trembling child,
Eyes dark and wild,
Frozen midst the fighting …
The teacher wrote a little note: Take care – untidy writing!

My story on Friday began:
The boxer bruised and bloody lay,
His eye half closed and swollen …
The teacher wrote a little note: Use a semi-colon!

Next Monday my story will begin:
Once upon a time…”

Remembrance Day

Today in year 5 we talked about the importance of Remembrance through the month of November. We shared stories and thought about those that are sadly no longer with us. Then the class discussed why we wear poppies, what they show and the meaning that they have.

As we read our remembrance prayer, we took a moment of silence to show our respect and compassion for those we have lost.

Every child then wrote their own remembrance prayer which we then listened to as we gathered.

Finally, we each made a red hand print on a piece of card to make our own class poppy. Mrs Robinson Crow and Miss Reid will then help the children display this in our classroom for the rest of the month.

Eco Council Need You!

Are you green fingered? Love being outdoors? Free next Thursday from 11am? Then come along to our Plant-a-thon!

Along with our school Eco council, we need willing volunteers to help plant some of the many bulbs and trees that have been generously donated by our amazing school families. All you need is a spade, pair of gloves and a wheelbarrow full of determination!

We hope to see you there!

Happy Half Term!

We have survived our first half term in year 5, woohoo!

There have been highs and lows but all in all I think we’ve got off to a great start and I’m very proud of what we have achieved so far as a class.

Enjoy your break and I’ll see you all in a week!

PS Happy Birthday to two of our class members who both turned 10 this week!

Year 5/6 Football

A big well done to our Year 5/6 boys who took part in our first league tournament this week. The boys played four matches in total on the night and did extremely well in some very tight games. The boys won their first match against Lobley Hill 1-0 with a goal from Danny. They followed this with a 1-0 loss against Washingwell but bounced back with a 3-0 win against Riverside. Some lovely goals scored by Luke, Filip and Jacob W. Unfortunately our last game was a 1-0 loss against Dunston Hill. The boys battled well in all their games and played some great football over the four games. Well done!

Year 5/6 team: Luke, Jacob W, Owen, Lucas, Jacob D, Ryan, Filip, Danny, Daniel, Finley