The year 6 children completed some activities for anti-bullying this week. They discussed how everyone is different and how this should be celebrated. They thought about what makes them unique and then wrote down a list of hobbies they liked to do. The children then prepared a short liturgy on the theme of being different. They prepared the focal point and selected some scripture which highlighted how we are all different and need to use our gifts. The children then randomly selected a list of hobbies and tried to guess who had written them. Finally, the children reflected on how they could be a good friend in the coming weeks and said a prayer together.

KS2 Drama Club

This week, we have been inspired by the children’s favourite ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.’

 Visit our school facebook page to watch a video of our work and to see what happened next in the crazy little town of Chew and Swallow…

Parliament Week

This week, the children have been taking part in parliament week and learning about how our country is governed. Each class has taken part in different activities with many of the classes taking part in class debates; just like MPs in the House of Commons! This has tied in with our new Tuesday lunchtime debate club which has proved very popular with the children. Year 6 completed research on parliament and were very interested to find out that there is a ‘Official Monster Raving Loony Party’ which people can vote for! Learning about parliament is important for children as they learn how they might instigate change in the future. Who knows; we may have a future prime minister at Sacred Heart!


Today was our eco council plant-a-thon! We were prepared with our forks and trowels to tackle the soil and grass to make way for our new trees.

We had 3 very helpful and enthusiastic volunteers who brought their own tools to help us complete our mission.

Although we planted a lot of the trees, we still have lots left! Since we had so much fun today, Mr Naughton said it would be great if we could do it again to see if we can plant all of the trees that we have! Our parent helpers were sent by Oskar (rec), Eliza (Y2), Matthew O (Y2) and Kate (Y5), who have each been awarded 5 dojo points!

Our next plant-a-thon will be held next Thursday 23rd November from 11am. Please come and help!

Year of Oscar Romero – November: Remembrance

The theme November for Year of Oscar Romero is Remembrance – based around Remembrance Sunday. We discussed what Remembrance Sunday was about and why we mark the occasion. The Year 6 children have been helping to sell poppies all week and we discussed how the poppy has become the symbol for Remembrance Sunday.

The children then completed an activity: doing an outline of their own hands and cutting out on red paper. They wrote prayers on these hands and then we put them all together to form a giant poppy. This poppy was used in whole school collective worship on Friday afternoon. We finished by praying together and hoping for an end to bloodshed and war.

KS2 Drama Club

This week, our work has been inspired by the frustrations and excitement of Gervase Phinn’s poem ‘My Story’. The children have devised original scenes set in classrooms, and shouts, giggles and play-acting ensued.

 Visit our school facebook page to watch a video of our work.

My Story by Gervase Phinn

“My story on Monday began:
Mountainous seas crashed on the cliffs,
And the desolate land grew wetter …
The teacher wrote a little note: Remember the capital letter!

My poem on Tuesday began:
Red tongues of fire,
Licked higher and higher
From smoking Etna’s top …
The teacher wrote a little note: Where is your full stop?

My story on Wednesday began:
Through the lonely, pine-scented wood
There twists a hidden path …
The teacher wrote a little note: Start a paragraph!

My poem on Thursday began:
The trembling child,
Eyes dark and wild,
Frozen midst the fighting …
The teacher wrote a little note: Take care – untidy writing!

My story on Friday began:
The boxer bruised and bloody lay,
His eye half closed and swollen …
The teacher wrote a little note: Use a semi-colon!

Next Monday my story will begin:
Once upon a time…”

Eco Council Need You!

Are you green fingered? Love being outdoors? Free next Thursday from 11am? Then come along to our Plant-a-thon!

Along with our school Eco council, we need willing volunteers to help plant some of the many bulbs and trees that have been generously donated by our amazing school families. All you need is a spade, pair of gloves and a wheelbarrow full of determination!

We hope to see you there!

Kwik Cricket

On Tuesday, year 6 set off on the public bus to face other year 6 teams in a Kwik Cricket tournament. Despite the sweltering heat our year 6 team showed fantastic agility, coordination and team work! In the playoffs our A team came first within their group and our B team came 2nd. This meant that our A team had to go head to head with St Joseph’s, Blaydon to try and get a place in the Gateshead County finals. Despite showing unbelievable skills and determination we missed out on the final by a mere 30 points. We had a fantastic day and look forward to showing off our cricket skills in the future!

Martin Luther King

We began the lesson by being introduced to our new topic: Inspiring change—Martin Luther King. We discussed how MLK came to England in 1967 to receive an honorary degree from Newcastle University. We learned that MLK was  a Christian leader who thought that because we were all made the same by God, then racism, poverty and war were wrong. But this made him disliked by many people in America, and so he came to England to get some encouragement and inspiration.

We then looked at the background to the problem: slavery in the USA. Black slaves were brought from Africa and sold to property-owners in the USA to work as free labour. They were owned and could be bought and sold, and were often subject to violence and abuse. Even after slavery was abolished in 1865, African Americans were victims of discrimination. Martin Luther King Jr. was a minister in the Baptist Church who became a leader of the ‘civil rights movement’ – the campaign to end discrimination. He gave a famous speech in which he said, ‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.” The children were then given their main activity for the lesson. The children worked in pairs to research the life of MLK and presented their findings. They incorporated a range of media including videos, photos ands audio clips.

Living Things Field Guide

We began the lesson by looking at our WALT: children creating their own Field Guide to the habitat around their school. It was explained that the children would have the chance at the end of the lesson to present their work to another pair.

The children then worked in pairs to identify living things in the habitat around the school. They were reminded not to touch or eat any of the organisms they found. They listed all of the plants and animals they found, using Plants and Animals ID Sheets to help them identify some of the species they may found.

Next, the children created their own Field Guide to the habitat around their school. They classified the organisms they found and added them to the correct area of the Field Guide.

To finish, the children presented their Field Guides to their audience, explaining why they classified the organisms into each group.