Year of Mary – July

This month includes Sea Sunday (8th July) when we pray for those at sea. The children learned about the work of the Apostleship of the Sea. They watched a video with workers at sea being interviewed which gave them a sense of the difficulties that these workers face in their daily lives. Next, they learned about how the Apostleship of the Sea help these people by providing somewhere to stay when they dock and internet connection to contact their loved ones. The children then made a hand print and wrote a prayer for seafarers all around the world.

Year 6 plaque

The Year 6 children were given a pleasant surprise this week as they walked out onto the school yard; they had their very own leavers plaque! This is a tradition started in 2016 and ensures that the current Year 6 leavers will forever be remembered with their names proudly on display. Thank you to the families of our Year 6 children who raised the funds to buy the plaque. The children really appreciate it.

Year of Mary – June

The theme for the Year of Mary – June was the persecuted. We discussed what this meant and focused on Mary’s love for us all, especially those who are in trouble or persecuted in some way. The children then thought about those people in trouble, in war zones or those who are refugees because they are escaping persecution. They wrote some prayers on a heart template which will be kept on the class focal point. To finish, we said a prayer together.

Year 6 Tri-Golf

On Wednesday, Year 6 took part in a tri-golf tournament. They competed against 20 teams and represented our school superbly, receiving bronze medals for 3rd place. Well done!

Bill Quay Farm and South Shields Beach

The Year 6 class had a fine day on Wednesday when we visited Bill Quay farm and South Shields beach. The children used the bus and metro to get to Bill Quay farm where we met several animals including reptiles and baby goats. From there we jumped back on the metro to get to South Shields beach. The children were hungry so we called in on Colemans on the walk for some lovely fish and chips. We continued onto the beach where the children played tennis, football and some even dared to get their feet wet in the sea! Eventually, we headed back to school and bought some ice creams for the journey.

Saltwell Park

Year 6 finished the week with another trip out; this time to Saltwell Park. The weather was slightly warmer than Wednesday and the children enjoyed playing in the park. We brought along left over treats from our Movie afternoon earlier in the week and enjoyed them very much. It was a great way to end a brilliant week!


On Monday, eight of the Year 6 children took part in a Kwik-Cricket tournament at Felling Cricket Club. The weather was glorious and the children had a brilliant time playing cricket all day long! Despite the fact that they had no subs, the children worked extremely hard and finished in a respectable fourth place. A big thank you to some of the Year 6 parents who provided transport and made the event possible.


Twelve of the Year 6 children successfully completed their Bikeability on Monday and Tuesday. Bikeability is today’s cycle training programme. It’s like cycling proficiency, but better! It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s roads. Bikeability gives everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling. The children showed great enthusiasm and listened carefully to instructors John and Mel. This ensured that they were the first class ever to gain 100% level 2 proficiency. Well done!

Year 6 hoodies

The children loved receiving their special leaver hoodies last Friday courtesy of the friends of the school. The children showed them off during assembly to the rest of the school who were suitably impressed. The decision was made this year to give the hoodies to the children earlier than the final day so that they could wear them with pride in school. I am sure you agree that they look very smart!

Year 6 Trip – Nissan Car Plant

The Year 6 children had a brilliant time on Wednesday as they headed to the Nissan Car Plant in Sunderland. The workshop explored the exciting world of manufacturing through the use of a Lego production line in which the children set up and built model cars. It also gave the opportunity to see, hear and use some of the tools that Nissan make use of every day in building cars. The children learned a great deal on the day and even met a robot who could draw and write names! The day was a great success with many of the children saying that they would consider a future career in building cars.