Eco Council

eco-councilOur Eco Council consists of two representatives from every class and together they think about how we can look after the environment, our school and its grounds.

Sacred Heart has lovely grounds, wild areas, and garden space and we don’t have a litter problem outside. However, Eco Council think we can do more!

Recycling/Saving energy

The Eco Council talked about recycling at school and decided that they wanted to encourage adults and children to recycle more! They decided that designing new posters and labels for around school to remind people to recycle and save energy would help. Furthermore, all members are going to check that each classroom has a recycling box for paper, card and cardboard.

Eco Awards

Miss Smith explained to the children about the next Eco Award which is called the ‘Green Flag Award’. Each Eco Council member looked at the criteria for this award and started gathering ideas for what we could do in order to meet the criteria and gain the Green Flag Award for Sacred Heart.

Ideas for the Green Flag Award

The Eco Council discussed all ideas as a group and came up with the following:

  • A vegetable garden to grow fresh vegetables which could be used for the school dinner.
  • A compost bin to help grow the vegetables.
  • Recycling old clothes and sending them to poorer countries.
  • Recycling old toys.
  • Planting trees.
  • Monthly litter picks around the school.
  • Trips to local garden centres/Natural community gardens.


The Eco Council discussed raising money to help buy resources they may need in order to gain the Green Flag Award. The members discussed the possibility of a sponsored run, recycling challenges within school, a cake sale, a toy sale, Christmas raffle, sponsored walk to school day. The children suggested joining with the schools council to have a meeting in order to gather further ideas and suggestions.

Next Steps

The Eco Council have decided that it will take time to put into place all of their wonderful ideas. The next steps they are going to take are to make new posters and labels for around school for saving energy/recycling and arrange a meeting with the schools council to discuss the possibility of a joint fundraising event.

Bulb Planting
The Eco Council had great fun planting bulbs and seeds along the school path! We planted lots of wild flower seeds and daffodil bulbs with the hope of them blossoming in Spring time!

Litter Picking Challenge 

All the children used equipment from Gateshead Council and picked up rubbish from the school path. The children managed to fill 5 bin bags worth of rubbish, which shows how dedicated the children were in making our school a cleaner environment. We hope that everyone is encouraged not to drop litter or pick up litter that they see lying around so our environment is as clean as possible. Well done everyone!