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Trade and Economics

We began the lesson by discussing what the word trading means in the context of a country. We discussed the children’s definitions and then shared the key words from the Lesson Presentation. Children were provided with a UK Imports and Exports Activity Sheet where they investigated which goods and services were imported to or exported from the UK. Children listed goods and services by whether they are imported, exported or both.

The children were then given their main activity for the lesson.

They worked in 5 groups to simulate how global trade works and used a Trading Game activity, using the Trading Game Shapes Poster and Trading Game Money provided. Different groups had different amounts of money and resources in order to replicate the conditions for different countries when they trade.

After a set amount of time we discussed the results of the trading game. Who made the most money? How did groups C1 and C2 feel at the start of the game? How did each group feel when the prices changed? How does this represent what happens in global trading?

It was highlighted how some countries have plenty of resources but lack the skills or equipment to use them; some have the skills but not the raw materials, and some countries have neither.

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