Lenten Reflection

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To celebrate and recognise this Holy time of Lent, Year 2 have been discovering Jesus’ journey through the desert.

“We give up things because Jesus gave himself up for our sins.”

“I am going to help my Mammy more to make God happy.”

“I am going to make a quilt with my Mammy and give it to charity.”

Please join us in prayer.

I Will Turn

Lord, I will turn, Turn my face towards you. I will lay before you the desert areas I hide And turn to soak in your refreshing words of life. I will cast aside the barren, selfish pursuits And turn to rest in the tranquil warmth of your love. I will draw back from the harsh pull of media And turn to bathe in the gentle power of your Spirit. Lord, today I turn my face towards you.

I will turn To soak in your words of life, To rest in the warmth of your love, And to bathe in the power of your Spirit.

Lastly, we completed some Lenten promises to mark this liturgical season, and have displayed them on our prayer tables. These promises will also be offered up in Mass this week  from all classes.

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