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We began this lesson by rereading  what happened at the end of the chapter as Michael feel overboard into the sea. We discussed what would happen when Michael’s mum and dad couldn’t find Michael in the morning. We discussed how there weren’t mobile phones readily available in those days or access to the internet so newspaper articles were vitally important in spreading news. An article about Michael’s disappearance would need to be written!

Before the children began to wrote their articles, we looked at some of the features of an article. One of these features was a quote from someone who knew Michael. To help generate ideas for this, the children got into small groups and assumed different characters. Each child had the opportunity to be in the hot seat as the rest of the group asked questions. At the end of the lesson, some children were chosen at random to be hot seated in front of the rest of the class who asked questions. These ideas will be used in tomorrows lesson when the children can use the answers as quotes in their articles.

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