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This afternoon, we have been talking about differences and similarities. We have discussed that human beings are all different and that this makes us special and unique. How are you different? How are you similar? Why is it good to be unique? How are you special? How are you important?  We are also lucky enough to have two pairs of twins in our class, which provided some great opportunities for discussion. “I am special because I have a birthmark on my forehead.” “I am special because I try my best in all my work and I love animals.” “I am special because I go to this school.” “Me and Joseph both have blue eyes so we are the same.” “Me and Tom are different because we have different colour eyes and hair.” “Me and William are different because he normally plays football and I usually throw the ball.” “It’s good to be different because if we were the exact same it would be confusing.” “Me and my twin do different things because we don’t have to do the same thing.” “Me and my twin don’t eat the same things because that makes us happy.” “I don’t want to be the same as my twin!”  

To finish off our session, we made some beautiful candle prayers while we listened to reflective music, thanking God for our very special gifts.

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