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Today, we have investigated Greek food and diets. We have tried pitta breads, tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins, olives, sardines, hummus, salad and more. We have recapped on what the Greek diet included and discussed whether this was healthy or not and why, thinking back to our work on food groups and healthy, balanced diets. We also talked about seasonality and what foods were grown in Ancient Greece, referring back to physical geography. Here are our thoughts: The yellow tomato was nice because it had a new flavor that I’ve never tried before. – Grace I found out that sardines are actually okay – Joseph The pickle wasn’t nice because it was a bit sour – Hannah I like the sardines because it tastes like normal tuna. – Oscar The Greeks ate gherkins and pickles. I don’t really like them. – Patrick I tried the olives and I didn’t like them, but the Greek probably did. – Reuben The Greeks lived in the middle of the oceans so there was lots of fish. There weren’t many land animals because it was so mountainous. – Chloe The Greeks grew olives and figs. – Mrs Coates The Greeks didn’t eat much meat because they believed it wasn’t right to not sacrifice it the gods – Finch I tried the salad. It was okay but I’m not a big fan. – Seamus The food the Greeks ate was healthy because there was no meat. This is a protein – Hannah and Joseph The Greeks had a healthy diet because when I look at my plate, it has tomatoes, olives, salad, sardines and more. The Greeks didn’t eat a lot of meat and they had honey cakes instead of sugar. – Patrick

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