Amazing Art in Year 4

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Year 4 really did have an amazing art day, researching and replicating the artwork of Romero Britto.
We began the day by watching a short video about the life of Romero Britto and we were surprised to find out that at the age of just 14,he created his first work of art which unfortunately he tried to sell to his teacher at the time for $10, but they did not want to buy it. However, Romero didn’t give up and instead managed to sell his first painting to his neighbour at the time, in his home country of Brazil.
We discussed the features of his artwork and correctly categorised the art as a form of ‘Modern art’ which combined both ‘pop art’ and ‘cubism’.
Feeling inspired, we set off on designing our prototypes in our sketch books. We used examples of Britto’s work to inspire our designs and labelled the features that we felt we had replicated well.
Finally, after some discussion and reflection we set off creating our final pieces. Many of us made the decision to change our original designs, reducing the amount of detail we added.
A great day was had by all, and we are looking forward to hearing what others think of our Romero Britto inspired artwork.

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