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The children at Sacred Heart have thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities this week surrounding anti-bullying… we even made the BBC news! We kicked the week off last Friday with a performance from theatre company ALTRU. They spread the message that everyone is different and that’s OK. The actors then came into Reception class to complete a workshop around anti-bullying. We thought about what makes each and every one of us special and unique and celebrated those differences. On Wednesday, we had the NEBAB in school. They delivered an assembly telling us all about who they are, what they do and why they do it. We even got a turn on their bikes! We finished off anti-bullying week with our local MP Liz Twist in school telling us all about the laws surrounding anti-bullying.     We also celebrated Children In Need today by taking part in the ‘Big Move’. The children loved doing a classroom workout and all donations go to charity.   Reading Books The children are making great progress with their new home reading books. We thank you for taking the time to do this as it really does make a difference! Can we please just remind parents that books will only be changed when a comment has been written to say that the child has read the book. Children are read with at school on a Thursday, ready for their books to be changed on a Thursday night and new books handed back out on a Friday. Please ensure to send in your child’s reading book and record on a Thursday if you’d like a new book. Thank you.   Money, Donations Although we greatly appreciate the children bringing money into school to support cake sales and charity events, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the amount of money each child has brought. Please make sure any money is sent into school in a named purse, money bag or envelope stating how the money is to be spent. Children are becoming very upset if they misplace money in school, however this is inevitable with such young children and a significant amount of loose money. Learning Update This week we have been focusing on sounds ‘e’ and ‘u’ and tricky word ‘go’. We have continued to look at money in Numeracy and thought about all things ‘7’. Please note our Wow Wednesday is this coming Wednesday (20th November). The school enterprise day is Thursday 28th November (1pm – 3pm) where you can come and buy Christmas crafts the children have made. Our liturgy is Friday 29th November at 9am. Thank you everyone and have a lovely weekend 🙂  

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