Beginnings Liturgy

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This week, Year 2 have been celebrating their classroom topic of ‘Beginnings’. We have gathered today in prayer to reflect and share on this topic, and focused upon the theme of seeds and growing in the image of God. We sang two celebratory hymns, shared examples of times when God has been with us and reflected on the opportunities and choices that each new beginning brings.


Gather: We sang ‘My Lighthouse’ and reflected upon our artwork, bringing the attention of those in attendance to our themes of growing seeds and new beginnings.

Listen: We heard the story Jesus told of farmers, growing seeds but not understanding their workings. We discovered that it is God’s light that shines down on us all and encourages us to grow as his children.

Response: We each offered up a time when God has been with us during our new beginnings. These included starting new schools, becoming big siblings and beginning new clubs. We celebrated these times with the song ‘Thank You, Lord’.

Go Forth: We watered our hopes and dreams for the future, and invited all families present to think about how God is present during their next new beginning.

Thank you to Father Dixon and all the parents who attended our liturgy. The children had a wonderful time.

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