Odd socks to Pudsey

We started the week with Odd Socks Day and ended it with Children in Need …..

Peter the scarecrow

After listening to the story Megs Veg and seeing a scarecrow, the children had lots of questions about scarecrows. They did a scarecrow dance, acted being a scarecrow, then decided to draw one. “What does the hat sit on – A head. A scarecrow has a hat on his head, lips, 2 eyes, a scarf, 2 legs, arms, knees and hands. It’s made of straw”

We used straw and  glue to stick it on our scarecrow – “The glue is like whipped cream”

Weather Monkey

The weather in Byermoor can change drastically from one day to the next. Yesterday was sunny but today is freezing cold. Mr Naughton often says “Byermoor has its own weather system”. Yesterday some of the children wanted to dress our weather monkey. They named him Jack. They gave him a sun hat, sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun and crocs on his feet. We think he looks great – but definately not dressed for todays weather.

Bonfire Night

We hope you all enjoyed bonfire night whether you were at an organised display or in your garden. The children have loved telling us all about the fireworks they have seen – the colours and the noises. Yesterday they made some very colourful pictures – and added their own sound effects – Bang, Pop, Woosh, Ooooo!!! They knew we only see fireworks at night, when it’s dark.

Forest School

We’ve had five weeks practicing around the fire circle, but this morning we had our first fire. The children’s listening was fantastic and they knew how to keep safe. We toasted marshmallows and had apples & bananas dipped in melted chocolate – “the marshmallows were yummy and nice”. The fire was “red & orange” and it made a “popping” sound. How do we stay safe? – “We have gloves on. Turn away and close our eyes if the smoke gets in our eyes”

Autumn Friendship tree

With our wonderful autumn leaves we made a friendship tree.

Mr Evans

Mr Evans visits us on Friday mornings. Today was his birthday. Mrs McCarron kindly let us give him a present out of her treat box. The children had lots of fun listening to and following instructions. Then going under, over, on top of and next to the benches.
Happy Birthday Mr Evans!

Musical instruments

Using conkers, rice, pasta and leaves we made musical instruments – we had to check sizes to make sure they fit into our bottles.

Forest school

In forest school yesterday the children continued to explore the area. They were using some of their senses such as sight, touch and smell. When they were feeling the grass they thought it felt crunchy and soft, warm, cold and sticky. It smelt nice – someone even spotted a massive snake (don’t worry it was just a stick). They talked about different grass they could see and that daddy cuts the grass.