Autumn walk

On Wednesday we went on an autumn walk, out of school and into Byermoor. The children saw “flowers” “apples in the tree” “some berries” “leaves, they were green”  and they jumped in puddles – “the puddles were muddy”

Bonfire & Firework snack

We made firework biscuits, mixing our own brightly coloured icing – delicious!

Bonfire & Fireworks art

The children have been making firework pictures using lots of different resources. They used crayons, paint, chalk, sponges to paint with and splash painting outside.

We asked the children about fireworks how they look and sound. “They bang and they make sparkles with different colours” “you see them outside in the sky when it’s dark” they are.. “colourly” and “sparkly”
Sounds – “bang”

We also spoke about safety with fire works “you have to stand back because they might hit you”

Amazing Art

The whole school have come together for Art Day! In Pre-school we looked at land art using natural resources such as conkers, berries, coloured leaves, twigs and pine cone. We painted autumn trees, did bark rubbings and made our own autumn leaves. When the display is finished in school I will post a photo!



This week the children have had lots of spooky activities in Pre-school. We’ve scooped out pumpkins, made some Halloween art, read stories – favourites seem to be – Peppa’s Pumpkin Party and That’s not my bat!

Autumn painting

We’re are still having lots of fun painting with our leaves, sticks and cones ….

Sunny autumn days

We like to spend time outdoors, wrapped up with our hats on to keep warm.


The children seem to have a keen interest in building – it might be a tall tree house or a tower – but they’re always safe – wearing their hi vis jackets, safety goggles and hat!! There’s always lots of talk – how high can we build it, what shapes can we see, is it big or little, how can we make it taller.

Space Rocks!!!

Space rocks in our water tray!!

We watched for changes – first to the rocks then the water.

They fizzed, smelt lovely and looked like a rainbow.

What do we do at Pre-school?

Here are a few photos from this week….