First Snow Day of 2019

We walked to forest school to find the snow. Next we went onto the yard. The children said “its like a penguins home” and they walked like penguins. Look at us…  “penguins walk sideways”
We made patterns with our wellies in the snow, made snow angels, played on the bikes and scooters and threw snow into the air.
Some children didn’t have gloves, so had to wear socks on their hands, otherwise they would have stayed in – they thought this was very funny
The snow was ‘crunchy’ and ‘bumpy’.
They made a snowman, called ‘Fifi the rainbow snowman’ it needed a small carrot  and two eyes.

1st snowfall of 2019!!

We were super excited to see the snow falling and couldn’t wait to get outside.

Please remember mittens and hats, the children love outdoor play but they need to be warm too.


Crumpets & Toast!!!

Today for snack we had crumpets and toast or ‘Trumpets and toast’ as Pre-school called it.

The children said it ‘tasted nice’, ‘feels soft’, ‘I like jam’, ‘I like butter’, ‘mines melting lovely’

Just what we needed on a cold wintry day



Blustery Byermoor

What do you do on a windy day in Byermoor? The children decided to fly kites but first they had to make them. Then they had lots of fun running with them, then flying them.

Spring clean!!

We’re having a little change around outdoors, starting our spring clean!! Look at our super strong helpers …

Outdoor play

Pre-school children are so full of energy and they love outdoor play.

New Year, New term

Welcome back to all of our children and families. The children have come back into Pre-school full of energy and ready to start the spring term. Some children have had a keen interest in all things trains! They wanted to make a train track and a station…

Christmas Party

Little Hearts and reception class had their Christmas party today. We danced, laughed, played party games and ate party food (Thank you to Janice & Danielle our kitchen staff). It was lovely seeing the two classes together having lots of fun.
(Sorry for the blurry photos but we can’t stay still while we’re dancing!!)

Christmas Enterprise Fayre

Thank you to everyone who supported our Christmas craft fayre. The children did really well helping out on the stall. We hope you enjoyed the afternoon – we did

Odd socks to Pudsey

We started the week with Odd Socks Day and ended it with Children in Need …..