Should Auggie go to school?

During Monday’s literacy lesson, Year 5 continued to read their latest book – Wonder.

We held a class debate on whether or not we thought that the main character (August Pullman) should go to school or not. There were fantastic arguments on both sides and the children were very invested in the thoughts and feelings of our character. The hardest part for some children was arguing against something they actually believed in! All in all they were excellent and used their amazing comprehension skills to help them.

Well done, Year 5.

Eco Science Club

This week at Eco Science Club, the children were back outside – this time collecting air from around our yard. Why were you collecting air, I hear you ask. Well, we have taken a sample of our air to send to be inspected. Hopefully, we will receive some data from the scientists explaining what is in our air and if we have “clean” or “dirty” air. The children were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed getting the samples.

Making biscuits

We made some delicious biscuits for snack – we loved getting messy!! We measured out the ingredients. We mixed them all together. We patted and rolled, then we all chose a cutter.

Hall time fun

The children love choosing things to do for themselves. They ran, skipped, jumped, bounced, rolled!!



Wow-ish Week

This week, Year 6 have began some of their wow week treats, with the rest having to follow after half term. They still managed to enjoy bikeability this week as well as a jaunt into Burnopfield with Mrs Robinson Crow and Miss Henderson. Today saw our trip to the coast, visiting the beach, park and ice cream shop. The children behaved exceptionally and had a great day. After half term we have games day and a movie day to look forward to. The children have been very understanding in our change of plan and we have assured them they are not missing out – we’re just spreading it out.


We began this lesson by discussing how there are special occasions in everyone’s life, times when something happens which is different from normal life, times when you do something special, are with people you don’t often see or a time of making a special effort for some reason. We discovered that the ninth month in the Muslim calendar (which is different from the one used in the UK), is called Ramadan. It is the month when Allah first gave his message to Muhammad. Muslims commemorate this special event by fasting for the whole month of Ramadan. If you are very old or very young, or unwell you do not have to fast. Children are introduced to it gradually. It means that Muslims do not eat or drink during daylight hours. It does not just mean not eating or drinking but also trying to do good deeds too, to spend more time praying and thinking about Allah.

It also helps Muslims to share the experience of many people in the world who do not have enough to eat. It is hard for Muslim children at school where there are non-Muslims and everyone is eating lunch and having snacks. When it is night time Muslims first eat some dates and then have meal together. Sometimes the local Mosque puts on meals. We then watched a BBC learning clip about a Muslim family. The children then completed their main task for the lesson. Working in pairs, they designed a poster which could be used during Ramadan, writing a slogan which says why anyone should give. They shared these with the rest of the class at the end of the lesson.

Open Day – Druid Crowns

The Year 5 children had a great time on Open Day when they made some Druid (the priests of the Celts) crowns. They learnt how the Celts were a group of the most powerful tribes in Europe during the Iron Age. The Celts believed in over 400 gods and goddesses that lived in rivers, cliffs, springs, lakes, bushes and other natural places.

The children were then given their main activity for the lesson. They went outside and collected some natural materials from the school grounds. They used these materials to make a crown fit for a Druid.

Science Week

Thursday in Year 6 was science day. We began our day looking at light and how we can see. The children worked in groups and used wool to help them see how rays of light travel; they only ever travel in a straight line.

Next, once we understood that, we looked at how light is reflected. Using mirrors, card and a torch, we were able to create an incident ray and a reflected ray. We realised that because of the law of reflection, the angles were identical.

After break, we then had the challenge of making our own periscope. Although it was tricky and some instructions were quite vague, all of the groups managed to work together to make their periscope successful. Excellent job everyone.

Our final activity of the day was to do with refraction. We had glasses of water and a variety of images and lines. We noticed that when we put the empty glass in front of the line, the line appeared to jump up. However, when we filled the glass with water the line moved down. We learnt that this was refraction. We then put the image below the glass and filled it with water. We could still see the image. Next, we put a book on top of the glass and suddenly the image was gone! We then realised that, that was because we had taken away the light source which meant that we could no longer see it below the water.

World Book Day 2019

Overnight, Year 6 had been transformed into Hogwarts for the children to enjoy a magical day filled with all kids of wizardly. We began our day with some magnificent setting descriptions inspired from scenes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This was followed by a trip to Gringots and some time working out everyone’s vault balance. After the parade and lunch, we got our creative hats on and began our own Sacred Heart version of a Marauders Map. As well as this the children had the opportunity to make their own wand and golden snitch. We all had a fantastic day and Miss Reid was blown away with some of the costumes some of the children had made themselves.