Today, we have had a whirlwind of activity. All children were invited to prepare an performance for our school talent contest. The children auditioned in class and successful acts were put through to the final.

Well done to all children who prepared an act – it’s quite a scary thing to perform in front of your classmates, and you all did fantastically well.


Today, we have made the most of the beautiful sunshine by having our PE lesson in the yard. Armed with suncream, hats and plenty of water, we practiced our listening skills, as well as co-ordination, balance and speed with a variety of challenges, including relays, races and group runs. What fun!

Image result for pe clipart

Visit our school facebook page to watch the video clips.


During this session, we have been putting our work on adverbs into use by writing adverbial sentences about woodland creatures. We worked together to complete a whole-class task, where we worked both in pairs and small groups to volunteer contributions to the class board.

Minibeast Alliteration

During this session, we have been putting our work on alliteration into use by writing alliterative sentences about minibeasts. We worked together to complete a whole-class task, where we worked both in pairs and small groups to volunteer contributions to the class board.

Year of Mary – Star of the Sea

This month, we remember Our Lady as the Star of the Sea.

This chosen title for July is Star of the Sea because on the second Sunday of July we celebrate Sea Sunday. On Sea Sunday, the Catholic Church, along with other churches, remembers seafarers and prays for them, their families and those who support them.

Pray with us.

Dear Father,

You chose Mary to be the mother of your son and so our mother.

This month we remember her as Star of the Sea, a guiding light,

a beacon, showing us the way through the storms of life to safely reach her son, Jesus.

We hold in prayer all seafarers who often have dangerous journeys

as they work to supply our needs.

We hold in prayer the work of the Apostleship of the Sea who support them.

We make these prayers in Jesus’ name.



To commemorate those at sea, we reflected together quietly and listened to the sounds of the ocean while we made origami boats, to symbolise our thoughts being with those at sea.

God will Provide

Well done to the children of Year 2, who today held their final KS1 Liturgy. Parents, friends and families joined us to celebrate the Word of God and how He will provide for us. Thank you for all those who attended.

All Around the World

Well done to Year 2 for their fantastic class assembly all about ‘All Around the World’. We have been working hard to practice and we are really proud to share our learning with families and friends from our school community.


Phase 6 Phonics

Today, the Phase 6 Phonics group have been continuing their work on contraction using apostrophes. We have been discovering what apostrophes are and ow they work, as well as applying them through a variety of fun games, activities and writing tasks. Today, the children imagined that they were chefs, chopping up words to remove unwanted letters, and mixing them back together to create contractions. Have a look below at our fantastic work.

We have even been lucky enough to have fun writing our sentences on the classroom tables. What fun we’ve had! Don’t tell Mr. Naughton…

“There’s a glittery, golden unicorn horn.”
“There’s a red, fiery dragon on the loose.”
“They’ll find the humungous, orange crab.”
“She’ll steal a cupcake on Sunday.”
“There mightn’t be a cove on the beach.”
“There mightn’t be any cheese left because I ate it last night.”
“Who’d want to see a ginormous, red monster?”
“There’s going to be somebody coming over tonight.”

Open Day – ‘Explorers’

Year 2 have had a wonderful day inviting parents, parishioners and governors to join us for our annual Open Day. We have been celebrating the learning involved in our new Creative Curriculum unit ‘VIPs’, which is all about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

We began the day by writing instructions on how to cross remote desert islands  to reach forbidden treasures, then continued with spelling games and activities. Our Numeracy lesson was top secret – we were writing on the classroom tables, so don’t tell Mr. Naughton.

In the afternoon, we conducted a PE gymnastics lesson, centred around the theme of being shipwrecked, before finally making our very own explorer companion parrots to take home with us. What an exciting day it has been! Thank you to everyone who joined us today.

Museum Visit

This week, Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Hancock Museum to investigate and consolidate our learning on dinosaurs and mammoths, while also discovering the wealth of other learning opportunities available on site. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the museum, and came up with some wonderful questions. We can’t wait to find out more soon.