We have signed up to another Terracycle recycling scheme, this time with the chance to win a recycled playground makeover worth £ 10,000!

Participating is easy! The school that sends in the most accepted waste between the 25th of March 2019 and the 5th of July 2019 will receive a recycled playground makeover worth £10,000, on top of points earned by the shipment weight.

The winning school will be able to choose from a selection of play equipment or gardening equipment made from recycled material worth £10,000. Depending on the prize selected, the overall area required to install the prize could be up to 25m x 3m.

There is a recycle bin allocated for these items at the front office in school. Please see the attached link below to see what is acceptable waste.

Let’s work together to look after our amazing planet.


Space Camp

On Thursday, Year 2 got involved in lots of fun activities, talks and experiments which really helped us broaden our Space knowledge. On the evening, we kick started Space Camp by waving goodbye to our families for the night and waving hello to our fellow Space Campers. We started by setting up our tents in the school hall which was very fun. We then enjoyed using the telescopes in the school yard to gaze up to the Moon above us and were fascinated to see lots of craters and different shades of the Moon. Next, we were part of a fantastic Space talk delivered by our Space specialist visitors who informed us more on the Moon, eclipses, satellite movements, the amazing planets and the night sky. We then cosied up with our hot chocolates and pjs and ended the night with a lovely film. All of the children behaved amazingly and showed great bravery sleeping in the school hall away from their families, which for many was their first ever experience. To the adults’ delight, the children fell asleep with a huge smile on their faces and woke up with an even bigger smile! The teachers thoroughly enjoyed sharing this fantastic experience with Year 2 and were so proud of all the children. A special thank you to everybody involved and a huge thank you to Year 2’s parents for the lovely messages and thoughtful gifts you have given to the Space Camp staff – we really appreciate all of your kindness! Well done, Year 2. What amazing memories we have made!

Year 2 Liturgy

Year 2 shared our Lenten liturgy to all families. The liturgy was a calm, reflective time in which we all thought about the sacrifices Jesus made and the promises we are all going to try and keep during Lent to become closer to God. The children read beautifully and the singing was fantastic too. Thank you to all families who were able to attend. It was such a great turn out and we greatly appreciate your support.

Internet safety

On Tuesday, it was internet safety day and Year 2 have been learning all about safety online. We discussed ways in which we can keep ourselves safe and understand that we should always inform adults of what we are doing on our ipads, laptops and computers at home. We then wrote up everything we had learnt and shared our safety advice.


Year 2’s fun week

Year 2 have had a very fun week this week. In Literacy, we have been learning all about formal and informal language and have used our knowledge to write different types of letters. In Science this week, we have been investigating waterproof materials and which would be best for Miss Walker’s umbrella. The children firstly predicted which materials out of tissue paper, kitchen roll, cling film, tin foil and plastic would be waterproof and then put them all to the test. We made the investigation fair by dropping the same amount of water onto each material and waiting patiently to see if the water soaked through or not. The children learnt that tin foil, cling film and plastic are all waterproof materials but plastic was the best for Miss Walker’s umbrella due to its strength. Well done, Year 2.


Year 2 party day

Year 2 and Year 3 had a fantastic party day on Monday. The children played lots of games such as pass the parcel, musical statues, corners and best dancer which resulted in lots of prizes and goodies being won. The children also thoroughly enjoyed their party snacks which were provided by our fantastic kitchen staff.


Enterprise day

Year 2 had a great day yesterday selling and buying crafts for enterprise day. The children worked very hard in creating a range of lovely crafts which were sold to lots of children across the school. Thank you to all of the families for their support, we really appreciate it.


Helping those less fortunate

What amazing children we have in Year 2! A young girl has, once again, been helping out on the streets of Newcastle last Saturday to give food and other items to those less fortunate than ourselves. She made up two back packs filled with essentials and goodies along with a lovely Christmas card to help spread joy. Two homeless men were very thankful for what they received and we are all very proud of the kind work this Year 2 child has shown.


Creative Cookery

What a great afternoon Year 2 have had today! As part of our creative topic, the children discussed the importance of a healthy balanced diet. We watched a couple of clips from the film ‘Matilda’, which our creative topic is based around, and talked about the foods we could see that we should eat a little bit of or a lot of. We then prepared to make fruit straws by firstly cleaning our hands and then carefully cutting pieces of fruit into halves and placing it onto a straw. The children could design it the way they wanted which they loved doing. As a small treat, the children, along with an adult, drizzled a small amount of melted chocolate onto the fruit straws to highlight the fact we can have a small amount of chocolate in our diets – but not too much. The children made the decision as to whether to eat their fruit straws straight away or to take them home – some children could not wait to tuck in. We had a lovely afternoon followed by watching the end of our creative focus, Matilda. Well done, Year 2.


Today, we have had a whirlwind of activity. All children were invited to prepare an performance for our school talent contest. The children auditioned in class and successful acts were put through to the final.

Well done to all children who prepared an act – it’s quite a scary thing to perform in front of your classmates, and you all did fantastically well.