Year 2 Superheroes

September 25th, 2020 by

Year 2 have been sharing what makes each one of us special and which super skills we all have. Who would have thought we would have such a wide range of musicians, cyclists, swimmers, cricketers, gymnasts, dancers, cake bakers and footballers to name just a few! We decided our top three superhero characteristics we were going to work hard to show this year were kindness, resilience and the ability to care and share with others. Lovely work Year 2.

Welcome to our Year 2 Class Blog

September 11th, 2020 by

What an amazing start we have had in our first term together in Year 2! Well done boys and girls for completing your first full week of school and for coming in everyday with huge smile on your faces. We have already settled in together and got to know each other. Keep up the great work Year 2. Well done everyone. Mrs Mc x

Well done Eco-Science club!

October 15th, 2019 by

This week the last week of Eco-Science club for KS1. Miss Reid and Mrs Gritton have been blown away by the eagerness and enthusiasm the children have shown over the last 6 weeks. If you can remember, in the first week we planted some seeds in pots which the children have been checking on each week.

This week they had the opportunity to draw what has happened to their seed. We hope the children remember to water their plants at home and hopefully soon we might have some small vegetables appear! Everyone left yesterday with a special Eco-Science certificate to show what an amazing job they have done. Let’s hope KS2 are just as enthusiastic!

Eco Science Club

September 26th, 2019 by

This week at Eco Science Club, the children were back outside – this time collecting air from around our yard. Why were you collecting air, I hear you ask. Well, we have taken a sample of our air to send to be inspected. Hopefully, we will receive some data from the scientists explaining what is in our air and if we have “clean” or “dirty” air. The children were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed getting the samples.

Eco Science Club

September 16th, 2019 by

This evening, Eco Science club went outdoors! The children were able to get stuck in this week with some weeding and planting. We were extremely sensible and very grown up as we used trowels, rakes and forks to dig out small weeds and make little holes for our seeds. Mrs Gritton and Miss Reid were both very impressed by the children’s behaviour. We hope that are little plants can survive the winter!

Welcome Back Year 2A

September 6th, 2019 by

Year 2A have been amazing this week in their first week back at school. It has been lovely sharing all of our holiday stories and adventures and catching up with friends. The children are certainly ready for all of the Year 2 challenges ahead. Welcome back boys and girls. I’ve missed you lots during the holidays.

Egg and cress sandwiches

July 12th, 2019 by

Year 2 enjoyed using their cress that they have been growing, as part of a science experiment, to make yummy egg and cress sandwiches. The children followed instructions carefully and were very sensible when using cutlery. We had lots of fun making them and the children couldn’t wait to try them once they got home!


Science experiment

July 1st, 2019 by

Year 2 have had a very fun afternoon today. In Science, the children have been learning all about plants and in recent lessons, they have been learning about the plants we eat. Today, we planted our very own cress in the hope of it growing. As part of our experiment, we will be looking into the correct conditions for plants to grow and we will compare how well the cress grows when they have water and sunlight compared to those that have no water or sunlight, have water but no sunlight and sunlight but no water. We will be keeping a cress diary over the next week or two to see how our plants are developing. We can’t wait!

Year 2 Liturgy

June 26th, 2019 by

Year 2 shared their final KS1 liturgy this morning with their families. The children read beautifully, sang amazingly and even performed their drama with great enthusiasm. Year 2 focussed on the Holy Trinity and how the Holy Spirit guides each and every one of us. We remembered how Pentecost was a very special time when the disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit to overcome their fears. We used this to reflect on what we would like to receive from the Holy Spirit and wrote these down on our fruit of the Holy Spirit. The children and staff were delighted with the support shown from families, which we are hugely thankful for. Well done Year 2!


Meeting astronaut, Michael Foale.

June 10th, 2019 by

What a fantastic morning Year 2 have had today! At 9:20am, the children set off to the Xcel Centre in Newton Aycliffe to meet astronaut, Michael Foale. We learnt all about how Michael became an astronaut, what inspired him and taught us that in life you may not get everything you want first time but it’s important to keep a positive mindset and keep trying and trying until you succeed. We watched real footage of Michael’s amazing experiences as an astronaut and saw what Earth looks like from Space. From the videos we also saw some of the amazing rockets Michael used to travel to Space – they were very noisy during blast off! Michael was very inspirational and answered some of our questions on what we need to do to be future scientists and astronauts. This experience was an fantastic way to recap our Space Camp activities from this year, which I’m sure the children will remember for a very long time. Year 2 were very well behaved throughout the day and were a fantastic representation of our school.


Open Day Fun Day

April 30th, 2019 by

Year 2 have had a very fun day today. In the morning, the children were learning all about time in numeracy and were eager to recap all of their SPaG knowledge in literacy in a class quiz. In the afternoon, the children were introduced to our new Creative topic, ‘explorers’ which is all about the famous explorer, Christopher Columbus. The children then made an explorer’s telescope and designed it individually using paints, stickers and glitter. Next, the children then wrote instructions on how to make a model ship that an explorer could use to set sail. We will use these instructions to help make an explorer’s ship next lesson. What fabulous explorers you would make, Year 2! It was lovely to see family members visit our classroom today to see what the children were getting up to. A big thank you to all who were able to make this very creative day.


Lintz Hall Farm

April 29th, 2019 by

Year 2 had a fantastic morning at Lintz Hall Farm in Burnopfield. The children were involved in lots of fun activities such as learning all about the production line and how eggs are checked using a range of machinery and packaged ready to be taken to shops and supermarkets. They also had a go at cracking eggs into a bowl, whisking them and examining them carefully and had a discussion about what we use eggs for such as making cakes etc. Next, the children sat on the back of the tractor and held 10 day old chicks. We even met ‘George the chicken’ and we all told him to ‘get back to work!’ The children all came away with a goodie bag, including a free box of eggs to be enjoyed at home. In the afternoon, the children ventured to Dunston Leisure Centre where they had their first school swimming lesson. The children never stopped smiling the whole day. What a fantastic start to the week, Year 2!

Year 2 Penny Challenge

April 1st, 2019 by

A big thank you to all families for your help and support over the last few weeks for Sacred Heart’s Penny Challenge. It was also great to see so many family members at school today helping the children. All classes did an amazing job collecting lots of pennies and working as a team to create fantastic penny lines down the school yard. A special well done to Year 2 for winning the Penny Challenge today – it wasn’t easy especially with the competition we had! All of the children at Sacred Heart showed an amazing effort and your donations will make such a difference. Thank you.



Big Clean Up cont.

March 28th, 2019 by

Year 2 were Eco Warriors this week by picking up lots of litter lying around our school grounds. The wonderful Eco-Council provided us with litter pickers so we could hunt rubbish and we did a fantastic job making areas around school a lot cleaner. Well done, Year 2.

Terracycle – Recycle Plastic to make your School Fantastic!

March 25th, 2019 by

We have signed up to another Terracycle recycling scheme, this time with the chance to win a recycled playground makeover worth £ 10,000!

Participating is easy! The school that sends in the most accepted waste between the 25th of March 2019 and the 5th of July 2019 will receive a recycled playground makeover worth £10,000, on top of points earned by the shipment weight.

The winning school will be able to choose from a selection of play equipment or gardening equipment made from recycled material worth £10,000. Depending on the prize selected, the overall area required to install the prize could be up to 25m x 3m.

There is a recycle bin allocated for these items at the front office in school. Please see the attached link below to see what is acceptable waste.

Let’s work together to look after our amazing planet.


Space Camp

March 15th, 2019 by

On Thursday, Year 2 got involved in lots of fun activities, talks and experiments which really helped us broaden our Space knowledge. On the evening, we kick started Space Camp by waving goodbye to our families for the night and waving hello to our fellow Space Campers. We started by setting up our tents in the school hall which was very fun. We then enjoyed using the telescopes in the school yard to gaze up to the Moon above us and were fascinated to see lots of craters and different shades of the Moon. Next, we were part of a fantastic Space talk delivered by our Space specialist visitors who informed us more on the Moon, eclipses, satellite movements, the amazing planets and the night sky. We then cosied up with our hot chocolates and pjs and ended the night with a lovely film. All of the children behaved amazingly and showed great bravery sleeping in the school hall away from their families, which for many was their first ever experience. To the adults’ delight, the children fell asleep with a huge smile on their faces and woke up with an even bigger smile! The teachers thoroughly enjoyed sharing this fantastic experience with Year 2 and were so proud of all the children. A special thank you to everybody involved and a huge thank you to Year 2’s parents for the lovely messages and thoughtful gifts you have given to the Space Camp staff – we really appreciate all of your kindness! Well done, Year 2. What amazing memories we have made!

Year 2 Liturgy

March 13th, 2019 by

Year 2 shared our Lenten liturgy to all families. The liturgy was a calm, reflective time in which we all thought about the sacrifices Jesus made and the promises we are all going to try and keep during Lent to become closer to God. The children read beautifully and the singing was fantastic too. Thank you to all families who were able to attend. It was such a great turn out and we greatly appreciate your support.

Internet safety

February 7th, 2019 by

On Tuesday, it was internet safety day and Year 2 have been learning all about safety online. We discussed ways in which we can keep ourselves safe and understand that we should always inform adults of what we are doing on our ipads, laptops and computers at home. We then wrote up everything we had learnt and shared our safety advice.


Year 2’s fun week

February 7th, 2019 by

Year 2 have had a very fun week this week. In Literacy, we have been learning all about formal and informal language and have used our knowledge to write different types of letters. In Science this week, we have been investigating waterproof materials and which would be best for Miss Walker’s umbrella. The children firstly predicted which materials out of tissue paper, kitchen roll, cling film, tin foil and plastic would be waterproof and then put them all to the test. We made the investigation fair by dropping the same amount of water onto each material and waiting patiently to see if the water soaked through or not. The children learnt that tin foil, cling film and plastic are all waterproof materials but plastic was the best for Miss Walker’s umbrella due to its strength. Well done, Year 2.


Year 2 party day

December 17th, 2018 by

Year 2 and Year 3 had a fantastic party day on Monday. The children played lots of games such as pass the parcel, musical statues, corners and best dancer which resulted in lots of prizes and goodies being won. The children also thoroughly enjoyed their party snacks which were provided by our fantastic kitchen staff.


Enterprise day

November 30th, 2018 by

Year 2 had a great day yesterday selling and buying crafts for enterprise day. The children worked very hard in creating a range of lovely crafts which were sold to lots of children across the school. Thank you to all of the families for their support, we really appreciate it.


Helping those less fortunate

November 28th, 2018 by

What amazing children we have in Year 2! A young girl has, once again, been helping out on the streets of Newcastle last Saturday to give food and other items to those less fortunate than ourselves. She made up two back packs filled with essentials and goodies along with a lovely Christmas card to help spread joy. Two homeless men were very thankful for what they received and we are all very proud of the kind work this Year 2 child has shown.


Creative Cookery

November 20th, 2018 by

What a great afternoon Year 2 have had today! As part of our creative topic, the children discussed the importance of a healthy balanced diet. We watched a couple of clips from the film ‘Matilda’, which our creative topic is based around, and talked about the foods we could see that we should eat a little bit of or a lot of. We then prepared to make fruit straws by firstly cleaning our hands and then carefully cutting pieces of fruit into halves and placing it onto a straw. The children could design it the way they wanted which they loved doing. As a small treat, the children, along with an adult, drizzled a small amount of melted chocolate onto the fruit straws to highlight the fact we can have a small amount of chocolate in our diets – but not too much. The children made the decision as to whether to eat their fruit straws straight away or to take them home – some children could not wait to tuck in. We had a lovely afternoon followed by watching the end of our creative focus, Matilda. Well done, Year 2.


July 12th, 2018 by

Today, we have had a whirlwind of activity. All children were invited to prepare an performance for our school talent contest. The children auditioned in class and successful acts were put through to the final.

Well done to all children who prepared an act – it’s quite a scary thing to perform in front of your classmates, and you all did fantastically well.


July 4th, 2018 by

Today, we have made the most of the beautiful sunshine by having our PE lesson in the yard. Armed with suncream, hats and plenty of water, we practiced our listening skills, as well as co-ordination, balance and speed with a variety of challenges, including relays, races and group runs. What fun!

Image result for pe clipart

Visit our school facebook page to watch the video clips.


July 4th, 2018 by

During this session, we have been putting our work on adverbs into use by writing adverbial sentences about woodland creatures. We worked together to complete a whole-class task, where we worked both in pairs and small groups to volunteer contributions to the class board.

Minibeast Alliteration

July 3rd, 2018 by

During this session, we have been putting our work on alliteration into use by writing alliterative sentences about minibeasts. We worked together to complete a whole-class task, where we worked both in pairs and small groups to volunteer contributions to the class board.

Year of Mary – Star of the Sea

July 3rd, 2018 by

This month, we remember Our Lady as the Star of the Sea.

This chosen title for July is Star of the Sea because on the second Sunday of July we celebrate Sea Sunday. On Sea Sunday, the Catholic Church, along with other churches, remembers seafarers and prays for them, their families and those who support them.

Pray with us.

Dear Father,

You chose Mary to be the mother of your son and so our mother.

This month we remember her as Star of the Sea, a guiding light,

a beacon, showing us the way through the storms of life to safely reach her son, Jesus.

We hold in prayer all seafarers who often have dangerous journeys

as they work to supply our needs.

We hold in prayer the work of the Apostleship of the Sea who support them.

We make these prayers in Jesus’ name.



To commemorate those at sea, we reflected together quietly and listened to the sounds of the ocean while we made origami boats, to symbolise our thoughts being with those at sea.

God will Provide

June 27th, 2018 by

Well done to the children of Year 2, who today held their final KS1 Liturgy. Parents, friends and families joined us to celebrate the Word of God and how He will provide for us. Thank you for all those who attended.

All Around the World

June 22nd, 2018 by

Well done to Year 2 for their fantastic class assembly all about ‘All Around the World’. We have been working hard to practice and we are really proud to share our learning with families and friends from our school community.


Phase 6 Phonics

May 10th, 2018 by

Today, the Phase 6 Phonics group have been continuing their work on contraction using apostrophes. We have been discovering what apostrophes are and ow they work, as well as applying them through a variety of fun games, activities and writing tasks. Today, the children imagined that they were chefs, chopping up words to remove unwanted letters, and mixing them back together to create contractions. Have a look below at our fantastic work.

We have even been lucky enough to have fun writing our sentences on the classroom tables. What fun we’ve had! Don’t tell Mr. Naughton…

“There’s a glittery, golden unicorn horn.”
“There’s a red, fiery dragon on the loose.”
“They’ll find the humungous, orange crab.”
“She’ll steal a cupcake on Sunday.”
“There mightn’t be a cove on the beach.”
“There mightn’t be any cheese left because I ate it last night.”
“Who’d want to see a ginormous, red monster?”
“There’s going to be somebody coming over tonight.”

Open Day – ‘Explorers’

April 24th, 2018 by

Year 2 have had a wonderful day inviting parents, parishioners and governors to join us for our annual Open Day. We have been celebrating the learning involved in our new Creative Curriculum unit ‘VIPs’, which is all about the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

We began the day by writing instructions on how to cross remote desert islands  to reach forbidden treasures, then continued with spelling games and activities. Our Numeracy lesson was top secret – we were writing on the classroom tables, so don’t tell Mr. Naughton.

In the afternoon, we conducted a PE gymnastics lesson, centred around the theme of being shipwrecked, before finally making our very own explorer companion parrots to take home with us. What an exciting day it has been! Thank you to everyone who joined us today.

Museum Visit

March 23rd, 2018 by

This week, Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Hancock Museum to investigate and consolidate our learning on dinosaurs and mammoths, while also discovering the wealth of other learning opportunities available on site. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the museum, and came up with some wonderful questions. We can’t wait to find out more soon.

World Book Day celebrations in Year 2

March 9th, 2018 by

Today, although belated, we have been celebrating World Book Day at Sacred Heart!

We have recognised the wonder of a good book through our whole school assembly, where all children and staff got to proudly display their costumes.

We then had a morning full of book-themed fun. In Year 2, we conducted a scavenger hunt in Guided Reading, searching for key characters and story elements in our favourite books. In Numeracy, we completed multiplication match-ups, where the children had to investigate their times tables and colour code the mammoth’s bubbles to match the correct answers. In Literacy, we completed book reviews to analyse the text, followed by an afternoon packed-full of practical, crafting fun!

KS1 completed a cycle of activities with all of the teachers from Little Hearts Nursery, through both Reception classes, to Years and 2 and had a whale of a time creating dinosaur plates, making bookmarks and designing hairstyles for our woolly mammoth. Happy World Book Day, everyone!

PE in Year 2

February 27th, 2018 by

PE in Year 2

Today, Year 2 have had their first PE lesson on their new unit. Their task was to explore different methods of travel across, around and over different obstacles. We used climbing horses, benches, mats and floor work to provide a wealth of different opportunities. Throughout this unit, we will be learning about travel, distance, balance and much more. We can’t wait to see what these videos look like after our learning.

Click to watch the video of our learning!

Spelling Games

February 26th, 2018 by

Today, we have been practicing our recognition of common exception and high frequency words by sight through the play of many fun games.

In Lily pad Leapfrog, the children worked in teams to play hopscotch and other playground themed games, with a spelling twist. Each group received a set of cards and a beanbag, and were asked to choose a word, score a point with the beanbag, and spell that word out loud. The children then pretended to be frogs sitting in the middle of a large lake. In order to stay in the game, they hopped to the lily pad called out without falling in the water. The child then called out the sight word. He should read it, then spell it and read it again. For example, “ARE. A-R-E. ARE.” A fellow frog then found a new word.  Play continued until all words have been practiced within the group. After hopping, children practiced writing the words on the lily pad record sheet.

We were even lucky enough to play many more spelling and reading games today, including: Glitter Write, Paintbrush Spelling, Shoot and Score, Scrabble and Go Fish. What fun!


Stained glass windows

February 22nd, 2018 by

This week, we have been discussing responses and how important they are in the Catholic faith.

We talked about when and why we say litanies and what they mean, and spent some reflective time creating stained glass windows, which we decorated with popular responses.

Join us in prayer.

Loving God, in the midst of our daily lives, we remember.
We remember, O God.
As we worry about getting to stay up late, having to share our room, or needing a bigger closet to hold all of our toys, we remember children who don’t have a room, a place to sleep, or even a shelter to call home.
We remember, O God.

As we worry about buying name-brand clothes, sports shoes, compact discs, and computer games, we remember families who have no money to buy clothes, shoes, music, or toys.
We remember, O God.

As we worry about taking out the bins, doing the dishes and getting told off, we remember kids who have been abused, abandoned, or don’t
have a family to call their own.
We remember, O God.

As we worry about homework, taking quizzes, and turning in science projects, we remember children who don’t have a school, pencils, papers, books,
or other opportunities to learn.
We remember, O God.

Lenten Reflection

February 22nd, 2018 by

To celebrate and recognise this Holy time of Lent, Year 2 have been discovering Jesus’ journey through the desert.

“We give up things because Jesus gave himself up for our sins.”

“I am going to help my Mammy more to make God happy.”

“I am going to make a quilt with my Mammy and give it to charity.”

Please join us in prayer.

I Will Turn

Lord, I will turn,
Turn my face towards you.
I will lay before you the desert areas I hide
And turn to soak in your refreshing words of life.
I will cast aside the barren, selfish pursuits
And turn to rest in the tranquil warmth of your love.
I will draw back from the harsh pull of media
And turn to bathe in the gentle power of your Spirit.
Lord, today I turn my face towards you.

I will turn
To soak in your words of life,
To rest in the warmth of your love,
And to bathe in the power of your Spirit.

Lastly, we completed some Lenten promises to mark this liturgical season, and have displayed them on our prayer tables. These promises will also be offered up in Mass this week  from all classes.

Using commas in lists

February 21st, 2018 by

Today, we have worked as a class to revise the rules on commas in lists. These were our class practice lists:

“I went to the shop and I bought some cherries, a packet of crisps, some strawberries, a Nintendo Switch, some apples, some chocolate and some grapes.”

“At the shop I bought some ham, some strawberries, a turkey, a jigsaw, some chicken and a PS4.”

We then had the challenge of writing our own shopping lists which included correct punctuation.

“You have to use commas between each object on the list”

“I find it tricky to remember the and, but I’m trying my hardest.”

Handwriting Superstars!

February 6th, 2018 by

Today, we have had 4 new handwriting pens awarded in Year 2. Congratulations to these children for all the hard work that has gone into beginning cursive handwriting this year.

If you are excited to get your pen license, take a look at what we are looking for.

Congratulations again, Year 2!

Year of Mary

February 5th, 2018 by

As part of our celebration of the Year of Mary, Year 2 have today created their class focal point.

The theme of World Youth Day 2017 was taken from Our Lady’s song of praise, the Magnificat, ‘The Mighty One has done great things for me’. The Pope has chosen to focus on Mary for the next two years’ World Youth celebrations, culminating in Panama in 2019. Pope Francis has asked young people to journey with Mary, describing her as ‘a role model to be imitated’.

This month, we have discussed what we already know about Mary:
‘She is Jesus’ Mother’
‘She is a very holy lady’
‘We say prayers for her’
We also worked during quiet music to create celebration cards, featuring Mary, to show our love for her. We then added scripture to our selections and our teacher transformed them into a wonderful prayer chain! This has been added to our focal point in class and will help us to remember Mary and her many virtues.
Please join us in this month’s prayer:

Lord Jesus, We remember how you healed the sick, the lame, the blind.

Send your love and mercy to all people who are suffering.

Give them courage, healing and strength.

We thank you for all doctors and nurses and for all who look after the sick.

Give them wisdom, skill and patience as they bring help and care to those in need.

Help us to share your love and mercy through our prayer and support.

We ask Our Lady of Lourdes to be with those in pain, that they may feel her comfort and love.


Plant Posters

January 30th, 2018 by

Today, we have been celebrating our learning about plants. We worked in small groups with fact files to support our learning and were challenged with making a poster about one of the parts of a plant.

We had to put the information into our own words and also use pictures to help younger learners understand what we had learnt about. What an exciting way to learn!


Multiplication and Division

January 23rd, 2018 by

We have been busy!

As part of our work on multiplication and division, Year 2 have been helping poor, old Barnaby Bear sort out his smelly socks! He uses these socks to help him with his times tables, so we have decorated him some new ones, sorted them into multiplicative order and have strung them up in the classroom.

Hopefully, this will help Barnaby (as well as Year 2) when he is doing his times tables work.

It’s Competition Time!

January 23rd, 2018 by

At Sacred Heart, we are taking part in a Creative Writing Competition this half term, whereby the winning child will win a Living Eggs Incubator for the school. The children could also win various runner up prizes.
If you are interested, we are asking children to submit a piece of creative writing; such as a short story (300 words max) or a poem (70 words max). Entries are to go to Miss Bray by Monday 19th February 2018, with winners announced on Tuesday 20th February 2018.
The writing could be on anything you like, although we think Easter, Spring and New Life are all fantastic themes.
Get writing!

What a Wonderful World!

January 19th, 2018 by

Look at our fantastic work!

To celebrate our new Creative unit, we have been learning about the world around us, and the continents in particular.

Great work, team.

Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?

January 17th, 2018 by

Today, the children have been learning about ‘Barnaby’. Barnaby is our class mascot for this unit of Creative, and he has been on his travels again. This time, he has travelled on an aeroplane to visit the continent we live in – Europe – and has spent some time visiting France. We have looked at the location of The UK and England in relation to other European countries.

Where is Europe? Where is our country? What other countries are nearby? Have you been to visit any countries in Europe? As part of our lesson, we have discussed different European countries and have identified some using atlases and maps for support.


The Owl and the Pussycat

January 11th, 2018 by

Today, we have been working in groups and pairs to plan, rehearse and perform short sections of the traditional poem The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. We used our earlier sessions on reciting the poem to help our performances and we also came up with dialogue between the characters to enhance the story.  What are the characters talking about? The main focus of this lesson was recalling the key aspects of the poem, and we tried very hard to use our best speaking voices while performing so that so that the listeners could hear us clearly and were following our version of events.

Mini Vinnies Food Collection

December 15th, 2017 by

Thank you to all the school community who donated food for our collection this Autumn term. The Mini Vinnies have been collecting all the food and making a note of the items donated from each class. The winning class was Year 3 with 52 items donated who will now receive an extra break in the final week of term. Well done! The Mini Vinnies met Frances on Friday morning who collects food for Stanley Food Bank. We brought all the food over to Church where we helped Frances count and move the food into her car to drop off. This will make a real difference to lots of families this Christmas.

Christmas Celebration Concert

December 12th, 2017 by

Well, that’s a wrap on our Christmas Celebration Concert 2017. Well done to all the children, who have represented our school so beautifully today, and have worked their socks off over the past few weeks in order to prepare our Advent concert for friends, families and parish alike.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Advent with us. Sacred Heart, as a staff, hope that you have enjoyed the event, which some Governors and parents have kindly called our best concert yet. A huge thank you to Miss Cook for all her hard work with the graphics, and congratulations are due to every single child for braving the season’s coughs and sneezes to perform with their hearts and souls.

The children of Y1 performed wonderfully as our Nativity characters and our Y5/6 soloists did an excellent job. What fantastic voices!

Well done everyone. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Miss Bray

Plant-a-thon round 2!

November 23rd, 2017 by

Absolutely massive thank you to the two parents that came to help us plant some more of our trees today, even in the pouring rain. Katie (REC), Grace (REC) and Daisy (Little Hearts) have each been given 5 dojos for their parents hard work. Thanks again to everyone that has been involved, whether that was by digging holes or my donating bulbs. It’s great to have such a supportive family community.

Lots of thanks,
Eco council

Our Trip to The Farm

November 20th, 2017 by

Today, Year 2 have been lucky enough to spend the day at Ouseburn Farm.

We have been learning more about animals as part of our ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ unit, and have been looking at the lifecycles, needs and care of a variety of animals.

At the farm, we have fed the chickens, cows and pigs; taken the sheep out to pasture; learnt about the habitats and care of exotic and domestic animals and much more. Our favourite moment was cuddling the lovely animals at the end of the day, and we clearly have a wealth of budding zoologists in the class. Even Miss Bray is determined to visit the farm again soon.

UK Parliament Week

November 17th, 2017 by

This week at Sacred Heart, we have been learning about democracy in action as part of UK Parliament Week. This is an annual event that engages people from across the UK with Parliament, explores what it means to them and empowers them to get involved.

In Year 2, we have been investigating what it means to be in charge of a country and have come up with a list of wonderful ideas about what we would do if we were Prime Minister for a day. What an interesting idea!


November 16th, 2017 by

Today was our eco council plant-a-thon! We were prepared with our forks and trowels to tackle the soil and grass to make way for our new trees.

We had 3 very helpful and enthusiastic volunteers who brought their own tools to help us complete our mission.

Although we planted a lot of the trees, we still have lots left! Since we had so much fun today, Mr Naughton said it would be great if we could do it again to see if we can plant all of the trees that we have! Our parent helpers were sent by Oskar (rec), Eliza (Y2), Matthew O (Y2) and Kate (Y5), who have each been awarded 5 dojo points!

Our next plant-a-thon will be held next Thursday 23rd November from 11am. Please come and help!

Preparations Liturgy

November 14th, 2017 by

Today, we have begun to explore our next RE topic ‘Preparations’. During this unit, we will be learning that Advent is a time when we appreciate the love in our lives and prepare to celebrate love becoming a reality in the person of Jesus. Christians at Christmas celebrate the gift of Jesus, given by God as a sign and expression of God’s love. Giving and receiving reflects the truth that all life is given by God and life is given meaning through the gift of Jesus.

During our class liturgy, we conducted the following to introduce ourselves to the true meaning of preparing for Christmas.


GATHER: We will breathe in God’s peace, breathe our any worries
LISTEN: A reading based on Isaiah 9: 2-6
RESPOND: We will offer up ways to prepare for Advent. Some children will also offer up short prayers they have written – Help us to prepare…Let’s think of people who are lonely at Christmas, and try to think of ways to help.
GO FORTH: We will go forth with the message of Jesus’ coming, to share with our families and friends.

Click the links below to watch some wonderful videos of our learning.

IMG_1641     IMG_1640     IMG_1633     IMG_1630 (1)

Image result for advent wreathImage result for crucifixImage result for nativity sceneImage result for baby jesus

By this time, we were so excited that we had to listen to a Christmas carol to celebrate!

The Adventures of Fizzy and Suzie

November 9th, 2017 by

An update on our classroom mascots! Fizzy and Suzie have been having a wonderful time so far this year. They have visited Beamish, trampoline parks, been on sleepovers, eaten at Pizza Hut, and been to see more movies than I can count! A huge thank you goes out to all of the families who take them time to enjoy our mascots with the children – they really enjoy hearing about what Suzie and Fizzy have gotten up to, and they truly deserve the recognition for their hard work in literacy numeracy. Thanks again, and we look forward to hearing more about their adventure very soon.

Miss Bray


The Adventures of Fizzy and Suzie

At Sacred Heart, we have classroom mascots for Literacy and Numeracy. The job of these mascots is to help us understand the key steps we need to take to be successful. To do this, each mascot is displayed in our classroom and holds our success criteria for each unit of study (e.g. we need to be able to punctuate our sentences correctly).

In Year 2, we have Fizzy the Fish, who is our literacy genius! We also have our resident numeracy whizz, Suzie the Squirrel!

Fizzy and Suzie like to come home with the children each weekend to have adventures outside of school. They choose their Star of the Week for numeracy and literacy, and this child gets to enjoy the mascot for a few days. Fizzy and Suzie will both visit every child during the year, and they cannot wait to stay with you!

Year 2 loves to hear about what their friends have been up to during their adventures at home.

Would you be kind enough to write up a little message about any fun you had with them? Or better yet, take some photos which we can stick in?

Perhaps you went to soft play, or visited the park? Maybe you did nothing more than had a sleepover with the mascot. Whatever you get up to, let us know!

These are the adventures of Fizzy and Suzie!


Baptism Class Liturgy

November 9th, 2017 by

This week, Year 2 have been also completed their liturgical celebration of our Signs & Symbols unit, celebrating the topic of baptism. We have gathered today in prayer to reflect and share on this topic, and focused upon the story of Jesus’ baptism at the hands of John.

Gather: We gathered together with the sign of the cross

Listen: The story of Jesus’ baptism by John

Response: Completing a ‘baptismal wishes’ activity

Go Forth: We wrote promises to try to be worthy of being in God’s family


Beginnings Liturgy

November 9th, 2017 by

This week, Year 2 have been celebrating their classroom topic of ‘Beginnings’. We have gathered today in prayer to reflect and share on this topic, and focused upon the theme of seeds and growing in the image of God. We sang two celebratory hymns, shared examples of times when God has been with us and reflected on the opportunities and choices that each new beginning brings.


Gather: We sang ‘My Lighthouse’ and reflected upon our artwork, bringing the attention of those in attendance to our themes of growing seeds and new beginnings.

Listen: We heard the story Jesus told of farmers, growing seeds but not understanding their workings. We discovered that it is God’s light that shines down on us all and encourages us to grow as his children.

Response: We each offered up a time when God has been with us during our new beginnings. These included starting new schools, becoming big siblings and beginning new clubs. We celebrated these times with the song ‘Thank You, Lord’.

Go Forth: We watered our hopes and dreams for the future, and invited all families present to think about how God is present during their next new beginning.

Thank you to Father Dixon and all the parents who attended our liturgy. The children had a wonderful time.

Eco Council Need You!

November 9th, 2017 by

Are you green fingered? Love being outdoors? Free next Thursday from 11am? Then come along to our Plant-a-thon!

Along with our school Eco council, we need willing volunteers to help plant some of the many bulbs and trees that have been generously donated by our amazing school families. All you need is a spade, pair of gloves and a wheelbarrow full of determination!

We hope to see you there!

Remembrance – Oscar Romero

November 8th, 2017 by

This month’s Oscar Romero theme is Remembrance.

We have been reflecting on the significance of this act by listening to Psalm 121.

I lift up my eyes to the hills; from where is my help to come?
My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.
He will not suffer your foot to stumble; he who watches over you will not sleep.
Behold, he who keeps watch over Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord himself watches over you; the Lord is your shade at your right hand,
So that the sun shall not strike you by day, neither the moon by night.
The Lord shall keep you from all evil; it is he who shall keep your soul.
The Lord shall keep watch over your going out and your coming in, from this time forth for evermore.

In response, we have worked in small teams to write remembrance acrostic poems and have listened to quiet, reflective music while using our own handprints to create a poppy wreath.

Please join us in prayer.

Loving God,

During November we pray for all those who have died, especially members of our own families and friends. Help us to keep our loved ones alive in our hearts and minds. In this month of remembrance we pray for those who have lost their lives through war. We pray for peace in our troubled world. We pray for all those who are sad because they have lost someone. We ask you to console them and be with them. Send your love and mercy to comfort all sorrows. We ask this in your name, Lord.


Lord, please help us to remember those who have sacrificed for our sake.


Discovering habitats

November 6th, 2017 by

We began our lesson by listing insects and minibeasts we know about. This led us to discover the types of habitats that they like; moist, dark, damp, leafy, dirty, etc.

We then ventured outside to discover minibeasts in their natural habitat and to spot a variety of natural objects we could build our bug hotels out of. We found slugs, snails, centipedes, worms and woodlice, living in homes under logs, beneath leaves, in damp puddles and in the earth.

This has given us a variety of ideas for our own bug hotels next week, and we discussed all of our findings about habitats and the needs of insects on our return to the classroom.

Miss Bray

Click on the pictures below to watch videos of our findings!

KS1 Drama Club

October 13th, 2017 by

Following on from our recent work on choral and performance poems, this week Drama Club have been devising our own action poetry!

 Visit our school facebook page to watch our video of our work.

Beginnings – Class Liturgy

October 13th, 2017 by


In Year 2, we know that God is present in every beginning. Our learning about creation is important as it concerns the foundations of human and Christian life, making explicit the response of the Christian faith to the basic questions; Where do I come from? Where are we going? What is our origin? Where does everything that exists come from and where is it going?

The children planned and carried out their own class liturgy deciding how to gather, listen, respond and go forth. We then built up our focal point with our favourite prayer resources.

We Gathered: With quiet, reflective thought
We Listened: The creation story
We Responded: Sharing stories of times when we have noticed God’s wonder in the world around us
We Went Forth: Greeting each other with promises to be more thankful for our gifts




Oscar Romero – Justice

October 10th, 2017 by

This month’s Oscar Romero theme is Justice; we will be thinking about injustice around the world and why this is such a travesty to humanity.

Please join us in our prayer.

Loving God, we know it is not your will for some of your people to have everything and others to have nothing. We pray for justice in your world that all your gifts may be justly shared. Give us the strength to work for this. Help us to build a fairer world by being generous with what we have. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord.


In our reflection today, we have seen how food is a common injustice I the world. We discovered how thousands of children are starving in Africa, and that we have more food in England than we can eat! We have discussed the needs of all of God’s people, and have decided to help however we can. We are going to pray for the children of Africa and will ask God to help them.

For I, the LORD, love justice. – Isaiah 61:8

He loves righteousness and justice; The earth is full of the loving kindness of the LORD. – Psalm 33:5


Sniff, Sniff, Sniff

October 5th, 2017 by

Based on the performance poem ‘Sniff, Sniff, Sniff’, by Julia Donaldson, drama club have been devising our own rotten and revolting poems. Using rhythm and actions, we have worked to improve our ideas.

Visit our school facebook page to watch our video of our work.

Prayer Garden

October 5th, 2017 by

This week, Year 2 have been enjoying our Prayer Garden. We gathered together with the sign of the cross and had a heartfelt discussion. Today’s topic was ‘Same & Different’, and we have been talking about the similarities and differences between all of the children in our class.

‘I am different from Logan because he is English and I am Chinese.’

‘I am different from Jack because he is taller than me.’

‘I am the same as Sophia because we like the same things.’

We also spoke about how important it is to recognise our differences, and how special they make each of us. Being different is fantastic, and it keeps life exciting!

‘If we were all the same, it would be boring because we couldn’t race each other anymore.’

This was a very thoughtful conversation and it allowed us to recognise the wonderful in each and every member of our class.

KS1 Drama Club

October 5th, 2017 by

This week, our Key Stage 1 Drama Club have been enjoying some very exciting activities! We have been using vocal exercises and whole body movement to express our understanding of a variety of choral poetry and rhymes. We have been wriggling like slimy eels, roaring like angry bulls and slowly growing like a nut seed. What an exciting afternoon!

Visit our school facebook page to watch our video of our work.

Creation Story

September 21st, 2017 by

Today, we have been learning about the Creation Story! Visit our school facebook page to watch our video about our discoveries…


Oscar Romero – Peace

September 20th, 2017 by

In continuation of our Oscar Romero reflections, we have this month’s topic – Peace. Please join us in our prayer for peace. 

Dear God,

We thank you for giving us your peace. Help us to be peacemakers at home and at school by loving and caring for one another. Help us to be peacemakers by listening to one another, even when we don’t agree. Help us to be peacemakers by sharing our time with those who are lonely and who need a friend. Help us to be peacemakers by thinking and praying for children who have no food or who are frightened and live in fear. Let us pray every day for peace for our families, for our friends and for ourselves. Let us pray for peace throughout your world.


This week, we have been reflecting on what peace means. The children have worked in pairs to produce reflections on peace and its meaning in our lives. We have also decorated Romero crosses with symbols of peace.

We then took a quiet moment to think about the meaning of peace in the word of God.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33


Miss Bray



September 19th, 2017 by

Today, we have enjoyed our very first ukulele lesson! We have been singing, dancing, checking current pitch and rhythm levels and learning all about the make-up of the instrument itself! It seems we have some budding musicians in Year 2…


Healthy Eating & New Beginnings

September 15th, 2017 by

This week has been full of opportunities to learn. We have begun our work with Mr. Woods in Numeracy, learning about number and place value, and we have even started looking at healthy and unhealthy diets in science. During this afternoon’s lesson, we talked about the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods and even shared some of our personal experiences with different foods.

“My daddy has lots of cola and that’s a lot of sugar. He eats 36g of sugar in each can.”

“Even though cola comes in diet, it has lots of chemicals in it still.”

“Strawberries still have sugar in but they’re not as bad as sweets.”

In other news, we have had our Curriculum Open Evenings this week for parents and new starters. Didn’t make the meeting? Don’t worry – The relevant documents will soon be on our school website for your perusal.

We have also been accessing our RE curriculum by beginning the unit entitled ‘Beginnings’. The purpose of this unit is to introduce us to new starts. To celebrate our learning, we had a drama lesson, acting as new students to the school and showing the variety of emotions this can bring.


Miss Bray


Welcome to Year 2!

September 8th, 2017 by

Wow, what a week! We’ve been very busy completing initial assessments, beginning our new reading records, getting used to life as the oldest KS1 children and being introduced to cursive handwriting! This last challenge all children have been enjoying, and we look forward to applying in our first writing unit next week.

Our first unit of the week will be Dear Dinosaur, through which we will be learning about writing letters and much more. We look forward to letting you know how we get on!

D&T reptile project

July 20th, 2017 by

As part of our upcoming Creative topic ‘Reptiles’, Year 2 have an extra special project to complete!

Our recent homework project has been to create a model or piece of artwork of our own chosen reptiles. Using whatever materials we liked to decorate your model, they were based on a real-life reptile, or a creature of our own imaginations. We have really enjoyed seeing each other’s fantastic work!


Year of Oscar Romero – School Leavers

July 6th, 2017 by

This month, we have been celebrated the Year of Oscar Romero by looking at school leavers. We have celebrated all the times when God is with us in times of need, and in times of success.

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:12-13

Our task was to make an ‘Aspire’ card for the children moving up to our class in September, all about the things they will love ad learn in Year 2.

Dear Lord,

We thank you for all the great things we have done at Sacred Heart school.

We have learnt so much; we have had fun; we have grown up.

Look after us as we prepare for a future in a new school.

Help us stay true to the faith and values that have been so important in this school.

Help us aspire to be more.



‘Dear God…’ – Video Diary

July 4th, 2017 by

Today, Year 2 has have been reflecting on times when we might not have lived as good Christians. Although we are good people and lead good lives, sometimes people make mistakes, and today we have been trying to think of times when we could have made better choices.

The children were very excited to make a ‘video prayer’, recognising times when they might not have acted in the best way, and saying sorry to God for making a different choice.

The children have also thought of other times when they have had to say sorry and how this felt. We have decided to make new starts, moving forward with the message in our hearts that we can make good choices and we can love one another, as God wants, as our families want, and as our school wants.


Day of Many Colours

June 30th, 2017 by

This week, the children celebrated the ‘Day of Many Colours’ – run by Mission Together, by wearing non-uniform. This linked in to the Year of Oscar Romero for June. The children began by watching a short assembly presentation which highlighted how Mission Together carry out fundraising to help children all around the world. The children then prayed together for the children in different continents. They used the colours represented to design their very own Mission flag depicting children helping people all around the world.

Meeting Milo

June 30th, 2017 by

Today, we met a member of Reception class’ Minibeasts gang, their live-in pet MILO THE MILLIPEDE!

Creative Assembly – The Titanic

June 28th, 2017 by

This week, Year 2 have celebrate their knowledge of the Titanic disaster of 1912 through their class assembly. Parishioners and families were invited in and Year 2 shared their discovery of the Titanic through acting and song. The assembly went very well and the whole school enjoyed their learning journey. Reception class made some lovely comments; “I cried at the end because the song was so good”, “I hope there is another Titanic assembly”, “Your assembly was really great and we hope that you liked it too”. Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and they are very proud of their achievements in sharing their understanding.

Lenny the Leopard Gecko

June 28th, 2017 by

Today, we have had a wonderful surprise! Yvie’s family have been kind enough to bring in her pet Leopard Gecko ‘Lenny’ in order to celebrate our upcoming Creative topic ‘Reptiles’. Year 2 loved meeting Lenny and learning about his diet, habitat and what he likes to do for fun. In fact, Lenny was so lovely that many of us are now going to ask Father Christmas for a Leopard Gecko for Christmas… including Miss Bray!


Year 2 Liturgy – ‘Rules’

June 28th, 2017 by

This week, Year 2 have celebrated their learning with collective worship on the subject of ‘Rules’, which we have shared with parents, staff and governors. The children have reflected on the different rules we experience in life, both in school, at home and in our faith, and shared what they have learnt, including their own beliefs in what is truly important, and why we should adopt these rules in our daily life. On reflection on the gifts of God and the guidelines he gives us for harmonious living, Year 2’s learning has allowed us to think deeply about what is truly important and why, and we hope that you enjoyed sharing our journey with us.

Titanic Class Assembly

June 23rd, 2017 by

This week, Year 2 have celebrate their knowledge of the Titanic disaster of 1912 through their class assembly. Parishioners and families were invited in and Year 2 shared their discovery of the Titanic through acting and song. The assembly went very well and the whole school enjoyed their learning journey. Reception class made some lovely comments; “I cried at the end because the song was so good”, “I hope there is another Titanic assembly”, “Your assembly was really great and we hope that you liked it too”. Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and they are very proud of their achievements in sharing their understanding.


Titanic Art!

June 16th, 2017 by

Today, we have been working on our art skills, developing a rage of techniques including chalk work and blending, pencil drawing, paint and collage. We began by looking at photographs of the Titanic, highlighting the different features of the ship we could see. We then looked at a variety of seascapes painted artists, discussing the different textures used to create the water and give it movement, colour and life. We then talked about how using a range of media allows us to access many skills at once, while also creating an exciting piece of work to be proud of.

Our Lady of Fatima

May 12th, 2017 by

The children had a special assembly on Friday as they learnt all about Our Lady of Fátima; a Roman Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Saturday 13th May brings about the 100 year anniversary of the famed Marian apparitions reported in 1917 by three shepherd children at the Cova da Iria, in Fátima, Portugal.

On 13 May 1917, the children reported seeing a woman “brighter than the sun, shedding rays of light clearer and stronger than a crystal goblet filled with the most sparkling water and pierced by the burning rays of the sun. She asked them to devote themselves to the Holy Trinity and to pray “the Rosary every day, to bring peace to the world and an end to the war”. The second appearance occurred on 13 June, the feast of St. Anthony, patron of the local parish church. In the following months, thousands of people flocked to Fátima and nearby Aljustrel, drawn by reports of visions and miracles.