Year 4’s Got Talent.

Well done to all of our Year 4 children who auditioned for Sacred Heart’s Got Talent. A big congratulations to the children who were nominated by the class to be our two finalists. Miss Walker is very proud of you all.

CAFOD refugee talk

Today, Margaret from CAFOD visited Year 3 and Year 4 to talk about life as a refugee. The children took part in activities which involved them working in groups and imaging they were a group of refugees. They learnt that lots of families have been separated which has caused distress and upset. The children emphasised with refugees and the lives they currently lead or have led. We then gathered together to reflect and pray for refugees around the world.


Year 4 Statistics

Today, the children collected data based on Year 4’s favourite sports and recorded the results in a table which they later used to create a bar graph. The children were split into groups which focussed on particular areas of the bar graph that they created outside on the school playground using chalk and other resources. Some children focussed on the title of the graph whilst others focussed on the y axis, x axis, labels and scale. The children then represented the bars on the graph by standing behind their favourite sport. We then compared the popularity of sports which showed that football was the most popular and swimming, gymnastics and dancing were the least popular. The children had great fun doing this activity and it was great to see the children consolidate their learning on statistics.


Year 4 Electricity Experiment

Year 4 were learning about how current electricity is the flow of electrical charge through materials. We learnt that every circuit must have a power supply, such as a battery. The children predicted which circuits would light up a light bulb, which circuits would and why. They discovered that the circuits with gaps would not allow the electricity to flow around it, whereas the circuits which were connected did. 

We had great fun making a circuit and demonstrated excellent team work.


Year 4 Gibside Trip

Year 4’s trip to Gibside was a fantastic success. The children were involved with lots of activities. On Monday, we worked together in groups on the Gibside hunt. Later on, we made dens, we learnt how to make a fire safely, roasted marshmallows and finally placed food in different areas along with cameras to track which animals ate our bait. On Tuesday, we watched our animal investigation footage and found that many animals had taken our food such as deer, badgers, mice and birds. To end our trip, the children were involved in a nature art activity and had time to play in the play area at Strawberry Castle. The children had great fun staying over at Gibside and have made so many memories!

Year 4’s evaporation experiment.

Today, the children were involved in an evaporation experiment. Year 4’s task was to wet towels and to predict which towel evaporated the quickest. Firstly, the children discussed how they would make the test fair – by making sure we had the same sized towels for each group, we poured the same amount of liquid on each towel to make them wet, we measured the temperature in each location the towels were placed in (Mr Dixon’s office, the classroom and outside) and made sure each towel had the same amount of time to dry. The children found that the towel that was left outside evaporated the quickest compared to the towel left in the classroom and the office. We understood that evaporation is when a liquid changes into a gas – which is handy when we need to dry our clothes. Well done, Year 4!


Year 4 World Book Day

Year 4 had a great day taking part in World Book Day celebrating our favourite book characters. The children completed a Wanted Poster in Literacy for Narnia’s Ice Queen and completed Narnia themed time word problems. In the afternoon, the children created their own representations of Narnia. A great effort was made by all the children in their World Book Day costumes – here are just a few examples!


World Book Day

The children had a great time in the Year 6 classroom on World Book Day. The Year 6 book was ‘Gangsta Granny’. This book has been adapted into a film so we began by watching a short clip of some acting. We used this as inspiration for our very own role-play. We warmed up first by acting out different ages – baby, toddler, teenager and old person. The children moved about in different ways in order to make it clear which age they were. Following this, the children were given an extract from the book: the moment that Ben discovers his Granny’s emeralds and jewels. The children used the extract and added some of their own dialogue and actions. The children then acted this out and showed it to the rest of the class at the end of the lesson. There were some fantastic performances. Well done!

Year 4 Lenten Liturgy

A huge thank you to all families who were able to battle their way through the snow to watch Year 4’s Class Liturgy. The children did a fantastic job despite there being a few last minute changes. The Liturgy was a lovely time to reflect on the importance of Lent and to remember the sacrifices Jesus made and the sacrifices we are willing to make during this special time of year.


CAFOD visit

Margaret from CAFOD visited Sacred Heart School to promote the fantastic work CAFOD do all around the world. Margaret got all of the children involved in learning about how to save precious water and to save on electricity to ultimately save our planet. We also discussed our Lenten promises for this special time of year and took on board the important message Pope Francis has given us, ‘Live wisely, think deeply and love generously’.