The Year 5 and Year 6 children took part in a special one-off lesson based around the BBC Blue Planet TV series this week. The children joined thousands of other children around the UK as they watched a live lesson on BBC iplayer and completed some activities based around the environment. The children considered plastic pollution in the worlds oceans and the impact it has having on marine life around the world.


We have signed up to another Terracycle recycling scheme, this time with the chance to win a recycled playground makeover worth £ 10,000!

Participating is easy! The school that sends in the most accepted waste between the 25th of March 2019 and the 5th of July 2019 will receive a recycled playground makeover worth £10,000, on top of points earned by the shipment weight.

The winning school will be able to choose from a selection of play equipment or gardening equipment made from recycled material worth £10,000. Depending on the prize selected, the overall area required to install the prize could be up to 25m x 3m.

There is a recycle bin allocated for these items at the front office in school. Please see the attached link below to see what is acceptable waste.

Let’s work together to look after our amazing planet.


Lenten Liturgy

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Lenten liturgy on Wednesday. The children did an amazing job in reading, praying and singing. The children didn’t have much time to prepare but did themselves proud. The children explored the importance of Lent and shared their Lenten promises. Let’s hope that they can keep to them! Well done Year 5.

World Book Day – Crafts

The children finished World Book Day with a crafts afternoon. The children decorated paper plates to make them look like cowboys / cowgirls. They looked fantastic!

World Book Day – Literacy

The children used their descriptive writing skills in this lesson to draw and describe their very own cowboy / cowgirl. We began the lesson by discussing what a cowboy / cowgirl was and looked at some images. The children discussed some common features. We then looked at the success criteria for our descriptive writing and brainstormed some good adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors. Finally, we looked at an example of some descriptive writing and picked out things that worked well and things we would improve. The children then drew and described their very own cowboy / cowgirl which they shared with the rest of the class at the end of the lesson.

World Book Day – Numeracy

The children used and applied their maths knowledge in this lesson to solve a murder mystery! The police had been called to investigate the murder at a hotel. As Chief Detective Officers, the children had to solve the crime.

There were 32 suspects—all of them an outlaw in the Wild West.  Each clue was left in a different code so that only the children, with their amazing code‐breaking skills, would be able to solve them all.

They could tackle the clues in any order. Once they had solved each clue they would be able to eliminate some of the suspects from their inquiries. Each clue would remove half of the suspects from the list, until they were left with just one.

20 day challenge

The children started day 1 of the 20 day challenge this week. They will be working with TaeKwon Do coach: Jon Churchward. Jon will be coming to school most days of the week to carry out some core strength exercises. The children will begin with one repetition each on day 1 and will build on this by doing an extra repetition each day. The exercises will include leg raises, press-ups, crunches and pad work. Jon is hoping to build core strength in the children so that they can do 20 repetitions in each exercise by the end of the 20 days.  Well done Year 5!

Lenten Promises

The children completed their Lenten promises this week ready for the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday. They wrote their promises in the middle of a flower and how this would be beneficial on the petals. Following this, they coloured in their flowers and shared their promises with other children in the class.

How planets move in our solar system

We began the lesson by discussing the meaning of ‘orbit’ and ‘rotate’. In pairs, the children discussed and demonstrated the difference to each other. We fed back as a whole class and asked a pair to model.

We then looked at videos of geocentric and heliocentric model of the solar system. Next, we read the story of the change from the geocentric model to the heliocentric model. The children played characters and read lines when their character arose in the story.

Following this, we went outside so that we could better understand the heliocentric model and to gain more understanding of the distances of different planets to the Sun. The children were given roles as planets and stood (to scale) approximate distances from the sun. The children side stepped around the sun in a circular motion which showed us why some planets orbit the sun very quickly whereas others take a long time.

Dracula role-play

In this lesson, the children got together in mixed ability groups to carry out some roleplay based around Dracula. First of all, the children were shown an example play script. The children worked with a partner to discuss the purpose of a play script and the features. Some children were given different roles from the play script and acted it out. Using this to help them, the children got into groups of four to plan out their own play script for their roleplay. The children decided who would be doing each part. Once they had written out their plan, the children were given time to practice their roleplay. This will help the children in the next lesson when they write up their play scripts into their books.