Build a Pyramid Workshop

The children enjoyed an extremely interesting workshop on Monday as part of their learning on Ancient Egypt. During the workshop, the children helped an Egyptian explorer assemble an incredible giant model of the King’s Pyramid at Giza. We discovered where the passages lead, and explored the hidden chambers and escape tunnels. We also examined an absolutely beautiful model of the temple complex that sat next to the pyramid. Once this was complete, we turned to the mummification process. Using a specially designed mannequin and sarcophagus, we prepared the body for mummification, removed organs, and placed them in real canopic jars. We then took it in turns to wrap the mummy while listening to a number of incredible Egyptian myths. A fascinating workshop, full of secrets, stories, and surprises!

RE – Expectations

We began our new RE topic on Expectations by considering ‘I would like/wish for’ and ‘I expect’ and what the difference was.  We discussed how there is a lot of difference between ‘I would like/wish for’ and ‘I expect’.

To expect something means that there is a strong possibility, even a certainty that it is going to happen.

We then talked about how it is good to have high expectations of a person. It gives them confidence. However, expectations of yourself and others have to be realistic.

The children then got into mixed ability groups and considered a range of scenarios from day to day life, e.g. completing some homework or preparing for an event. They used role-play to show the expectation that they should have of themselves and what others, such as parents and teachers, expected from them.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week has all been about the Schools Council’s final Anti- Bullying push. The children organised our Anti-Bullying play, wrote to BBC, North East Bikers against Bullying and Liz Twist MP to launch our new Anti-Bullying charter which will be taken to London in March by the School Council. The children loved seeing both the North East Bikers and Liz on Wednesday and Friday to talk to the children. The children also had the chance to sit on some of the North East Bikers bikes!

Should Auggie go to school?

During Monday’s literacy lesson, Year 5 continued to read their latest book – Wonder.

We held a class debate on whether or not we thought that the main character (August Pullman) should go to school or not. There were fantastic arguments on both sides and the children were very invested in the thoughts and feelings of our character. The hardest part for some children was arguing against something they actually believed in! All in all they were excellent and used their amazing comprehension skills to help them.

Well done, Year 5.

We began our RE lesson by learning how priests, brothers and sisters live their commitment to following Jesus – their vocation, in a particular way and all Christians are committed to following Jesus whatever their vocation or way of life is.

Blessed John Henry Newman wrote a special reflection which applies to everyone’s vocation:

God has created me to do Him some definite service.

He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission…

He has not created me for nothing. I shall do good.

I shall do His work. Therefore I will trust Him whatever I do, wherever I am. I cannot be thrown away.

If I am in sickness, my sickness may serve Him. If I am in sorrow, my sorrow may serve Him. He does nothing in vain.

He knows what He is about.

The children then researched the life of John Henry Newman. They found out who he was, what he did and how his belief shaped his life.

Ancient Egyptian Food

On Monday, the children had a great time learning about the food that the Ancient Egyptians used to eat. They also learnt that a healthy diet is made up of a variety and balance of

different foods and drinks, as depicted on ‘The Eatwell Plate.’ They decided if the Ancient Egyptians were able to have a healthy diet with the foods available to them and discussed whether all the members of Ancient Egyptian society would have the same food. Next, they created their own perfect plate of healthy food which they shared with the class. To finish, the children worked in groups to make some Egyptian bread; adding different ingredients to change the taste.

Year 5 Art Day

The Year 5 children had a great time on their art day. They started the day by drawing some sphinxes which were in the foreground and then added some detail to the background. They also completed some cartouches with their names written in hieroglyphics. They made these look realistic by staining them with tea bags and crumpling them to make them appear very old.

Next, they looked at the work of George Seurat and his technique of pointillism. The aim of the lesson was for children to use this technique to paint a portrait of a pharaoh. The children sketched their drawing of the pharaoh first and used cotton buds to add the paint as dots/points.

A parent in the class also came in to see the children. Mr Healey is an artist and helped the children with their paintings; showing the children some tips/techniques.

He also shared what his life is like as an artist and answered lots of questions from the children who were very interested. He also showed the children some of his drawings which were very impressive!

Living Things and Habitats

As today was our last lesson on Habitats and Their Living Things, we worked together to make a nature documentary ‘Life’.

Each group had to take on the role of wildlife presenters and write a script to narrate a programme all about the life cycles of plants and different animals. In our groups we then took it in turns to present our show.

Parts on an egg

The children continued their work in science looking at the life cycles of different living things. We learnt about the life cycle of birds and took a closer look at some eggs to see what they looked like inside. The children enjoyed seeing if they could spot all the different parts.

Year 5 Loving Liturgy

Thank you to everyone who came along to see the Year 5 liturgy on ‘Loving’ on Friday. Each child shared how they show love to others which was lovely to hear.  The children read beautifully, acted amazingly and sung and danced enthusiastically! The children played a big part in the liturgy and helped with planning several aspects. This included the focal point which looked fantastic. Well done!