Year 6 Booster – Night #1

So today was the first day that Year 6 stayed back at school with Miss Reid and Miss Dodd to participate in their SATs Booster session. The children were all eager to see what we would be doing during our extra special hour in school. Before the session, most of the children were filled with dread that we would be spending the time repeatedly going over past SATs questions. Luckily, they were wrong. The thoughtful teachers had organised a range of SPaG and reading tasks for the children to complete alone and within pairs, as well as milkshakes and biscuits to keep their brains going. Tomorrow we have numeracy and Mathopoloy. Let’s see what they make of that.

Well done everyone.

Mini-Vinnies food collection

Thank you to all the school community who donated food for our collection in the Autumn term. The Mini Vinnies collected all the food and made a note of the items donated from each class. The winning class was Year 5 with 56 items donated who received an extra break in the final week of term. Well done! The Mini Vinnies met Frances who collects food for Stanley Food Bank. We brought all the food over to Church where we helped Frances count and move the food into her car to drop off. This will make a real difference to lots of families this Christmas.

Preparing for Christmas Lunches

This week, courtesy of the Friends, all of the children have had Christmas hats to decorate ready for their Christmas meal. Year 6 took this very seriously and have spent a lot of time perfecting their crowns for the occasion. I think you can all agree with me, they look fantastic.

Welcome to the newest member of Year 6

Year 6 put up their Christmas tree this week and were welcomed with a great surprise on Tuesday morning. An elf had been delivered in the night and was wrapped up in our tree. One lucky child was able to open him off to see who he was. He still doesn’t have a name and we’re not yet sure on whether he’s going to be a good elf or a naughty elf. Let’s hope he’s a good elf.

Monday morning maths

Monday mornings are always hard when it’s dark and cold outside. However, this morning in Year 6, Miss Carr had a great brain teaser to get the children thinking about translation of shapes in a grid. The children were given a die, 2 paper boats and a grid. There challenge was to move the green boat so that it was on top of the red boat. They could only move left, right, up and down and could only move the number of units that were rolled on the die. What a fun way to start the week!

Enterprise 2018

What a day! Year 6 have worked hard all week making some fantastic crafts for you all to purchase during our Enterprise Fair 2018. We had a range of crafts from homemade fingerprint Christmas cards, to cross stitch jumpers and the good all faithful chocolate-coated marshmallow reindeer heads. Thank you to everyone who has helped us raise a fantastic amount of money. The children will be using this money to help make our Christmas party full of festive fun, but some of it will be going into our WOW Week kitty for May 2019.

Year 6 Football Team

A big well done to the seven Year 6 boys who represented Sacred Heart on Thursday. The boys played in two matches against Lobley Hill and Washingwell. The boys played some fantastic football and won their match against Lobley Hill 2-0. They drew their second match 2-2 despite dominating the game and missing a penalty. The boys will come together again in the spring term when they plat their second round of matches. Let’s keep the undefeated streak going boys!

What a week!

Year 6 have had a rollercoaster week, this week. There has been an awful lot going on and the children have definitely shown that they’re ready for the challenges ahead.

Reception and Year 6 Buddies

This morning Year 6 paid a visit to our new reception class on their first full day at school. Year 6 were very excited to meet their new buddies which had been picked for them by Miss Reid and Mrs Gritton. After an introduction in the classroom we went outside to play with our new friends. All of the children got along brilliantly and they are already looking forward to the coming weeks, making sure their buddies settle in well to school.


Welcome back Year 6

This week our new Year 6 children have been settling back into school life nicely with Miss Reid.

We managed to get outside and take a class photo today. Sadly we did have 1 child absent so we will be taking another photograph when we have 100% attendance, which will be proudly posted for you all to see. The girls look very smart in the new design school skirts and pinafores.

Since it was not raining this morning, we managed to get outside to play a spot of classmate bingo. This involved the children trying to find a child in the class that had, for example, a younger sister, a pet hamster, blue eyes etc. As always, the children were highly competitive and there was a lot of debate as to who won. After checking the first 5 finished, it turned out that our 6th finisher was the only one who had filled their bingo card accurately! Well done to all of the class for taking part and making it such a tough competition.