Year 6 have began their advent topic in RE this week – Expectations. On Thursday, the class created their own PowerPoint presentations to show what they felt Isaiah’s expectations were based on some of the readings we looked at.

Miss Reid was very impressed with the children’s computing skills as well as their ability to explain in their own words what they felt the message was from the scripture.

One group responded to the question: “How do the words of the prophet make you feel?” with, “Hopeful that these things will happen and happy that they will possibly happen. My expectations are quite high.”

Another group said, “Hopeful because it says that Jesus is coming. Happy because the scripture says we should rejoice. Faithful because we should believe in Jesus.”

Prime Numbers

The children investigated prime numbers (numbers with two factors) this week. Working with a partner, the children tried to identify all the prime numbers from 1-100.

Following this, we had a little competition to see if we could find the numbers from 1-100 which had the most factors. The children had great fun completing this activity.

Amazing Art Day

Inspired by Banksy, Year 6 spent their art day analysing and recreating some of his poignant work. The children used their incredible inference skills to determine what the messages were behind the famous graffiti art. following this, the class were then set off to think about their own message that they would like to get across with their own piece of art.

Once they had an initial idea, we then went outside to find the perfect spot for our masterpieces. Some children then came back in with different ideas after being inspired by props around our school yard.

After a creative morning, which got all our brain juices flowing, we then spent the afternoon perfecting our art which was then printed onto clear plastic film. Eventually, the children were set off to display their art for the world (Sacred Heart) to see. How many have you found?

Fronted Adverbial Fun

Thursday morning’s literacy lesson took Year 6 out to space with the introduction of Iggy Ispace and his fronted adverbial phrases.

In groups, the children firstly had to build the muddled sentences, working out where the fronted adverbial phrase was as well as what else the sentence was made up of.

Once everyone had built their sentences we could work out what each of the letters in Ispace stands for.
I – ing ending
S – similes
P – prepositions
A – adverbs
C – conjunctions
E – ed ending

We then had a go at writing our own phrases and realised that they could actually change the meaning of the main clause it was being added to. Let’s see if the children remember to use Iggy Ispace next time they are writing.

Creative Tuesday

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 6 were given the task of creating some work for our Mayan display board. Each group were given a challenge question and then the children were given the relevant resources to help them come up with an explanation and answer to their question.

Thanks to all of their hard work and dedication, we now are on the way to one very informative display.

Team work makes the dream work.

Vocation Liturgy

Today Year 6 held a class liturgy to celebrate the end of their second RE topic, Vocation. The children each planned a liturgy in their respond booklet before one child was selected to prepare for their liturgy for the class with some help from friends.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic thinking about commitments in life. As well as commitments, they have thought about their own vocation and mission in life at this time. Overall, the topic has been a great way for the children to reflect on how they act during their last year at primary school. A lot of them have come to realise how important their role is in Year 6: helping the rest of the children on their journey through primary school.

Division Board Game

The children had fun playing a division board game this week. The children took turns to roll the dice and move around the board. The spaces contained a division sum which the children needed to solve. If they got it correct, they could stay. If they got it incorrect, they needed to move back to where they started. The questions got more difficult around the board and the children relished the challenge of answering these questions in order to progress and win!

Our Vocation

Today saw Year 6’s final lesson on their current RE topic, Vocation. The children had to think about their vocation in life at this time. There were lots of ideas and examples of what the children felt their calling was at this time in their life. We have children who feel their mission is to come to school and learn, some who feel their calling is to be a buddy and role model to younger children, some even feel their mission is to help those who are less fortunate than others. All in all we have a very caring, thoughtful and mature group of children in Year 6, who are all set to inspire and shape the lives of others around them.

This morning, Miss Reid was greeted at the door with some fresh hen eggs from one of our lovely Year 6 boys. The boy’s Grandad has his own hens who regularly lay delicious eggs. We have been advised to boil the smaller eggs as they are tastiest cooked this way and added to a salad. The larger ones are supposed to be served best when poached.

Teacher Lunch

Three of our Year 6 girls have been saving their dojo’s and with a total of 120 points between them, had enough to buy ‘lunch with a teacher’. Miss Wise and Miss Walker were delighted to spend lunch time with these lovely girls – we had lots of laughter and a great catch up!