Place Value Game

In our lesson on comparing numbers, the children played a game to consolidate their knowledge. We began by recapping place value and how it helps us read big numbers. Next, the children took part in a practical activity. Each child wrote a single digit number on their whiteboards. Two children were picked to play against each other. They took turns to pick a child from the class. They placed the child (and their number) in a place value column ranging from ones to billions. The aim of the game was to make the biggest number possible. The children soon realised that bigger single digit numbers needed to be placed with the higher place value columns and smaller single digit numbers needed to be placed at the lower place value columns. Once all the children had been picked, the class read both numbers. The children then played this game in pairs with cards.


Year 6 spent their Tuesday morning building some rather interesting sentences, including sentences that include fronted adverbials, relative clauses and subordinate clauses. The children then labelled the sections of the sentences, showing Miss Reid and Miss Dodd how much amazing SPaG they know. Miss Wise was amazed at how well the class were working as she popped her head around our door after hearing all of the conversations taking place. Great job everyone.

Welcome to Year 6

This week we welcomed our brand new bunch of Year 6’s in the doors to their new and improved classroom. All of the children have had an exceptional week, even though Miss Reid and Miss Dodd have had them working extremely hard every day. Their behaviour and attitude has been perfect, which means everything has been a walk in the park so far. Let’s keep it up and we’ll be in for an incredible year.

The Year 5 and Year 6 children had a wonderful time on Friday at South Shields for their Sandcastle Challenge. The children were put into four teams and designed and built a sand sculpture based around the environmental theme of ‘Build a new world’. The children decorated their sand sculptures with items and worked together brilliantly to create their sculptures. Well done!

Wow-ish Week

This week, Year 6 have began some of their wow week treats, with the rest having to follow after half term. They still managed to enjoy bikeability this week as well as a jaunt into Burnopfield with Mrs Robinson Crow and Miss Henderson. Today saw our trip to the coast, visiting the beach, park and ice cream shop. The children behaved exceptionally and had a great day. After half term we have games day and a movie day to look forward to. The children have been very understanding in our change of plan and we have assured them they are not missing out – we’re just spreading it out.

SATS – completed it.

Today marked the last day of the KS2 SATs that our Year 6 children have been sitting this week.

They have been preparing for these tests for so long and have worked their socks off for this week. Miss Reid, Miss Dodd and the entire group of staff at Sacred Heart are extremely proud of everything they’ve done.

This afternoon, to celebrate, we let off some steam and played rounders with Miss Reid and Miss Dodd! Everyone had a great time, even though neither of the teachers managed to get a rounder.

Thank you to all of our families who have continued to support us this year. Here’s to the final steps before secondary school

Open Day 2019

This year, for Open Day, Year 6 showed everyone their love for the environment by creating a variety of environmentally friendly activities. As part of a carousel, the children switched between 4 jobs: weeding, painting, bee bath making and bird feeder making.

Job 1 saw the children helping to weed part of the school yard. We are hoping to plant lots of colourful, bee friendly plants to help our fuzzy companions.

Job 2 was creating a postcard painting, only using the colours green, yellow, black and white. the children had to use a variety of techniques using a sponge and a brush to create their own masterpiece. Once they had finished, we stuck them to a piece of card and added our pledge to the environment.

Job 3 involved the children doing a quick sweep of the yard and surrounding areas to find some natural resources to help construct their bee bath. Once they had all they needed, the sprung to work and we ended up with some fantastic new additions to our yard!

Job 4 was all about the birds. Firstly, we halved an apple before scooping out some of the inside. Following this, we mixed water with gelatin and stirred it until the gelatin had dissolved. When it had we added the bird seeds. The final step for today was the stuff the hole we had created with the seed. The apples have been put to set in the fridge and will be finished another day. Our final step involves attaching twine to the fruit so that it can be hung from a tree in the playground for the birds to enjoy.

What an excellent afternoon we’ve had!


After a long run of booster sessions now, our Year 6 classroom walls are beginning to close in on us. With this in mind, Miss Wise kindly let us use her classroom on Thursday night. It must have helped as the children completed their SPaG Challenge booklets in record time! Fantastic effort and commitment once again.

Big Clean Up 2019

We’ve had a tremendous start to our big clean up this year and Eco Council are extremely proud of what the children in our school have done. Sadly, due to the poor weather conditions this week, Year 6 have been unable to take part. Because of this, our Big Clean Up will be extended to after half term. Parents and other helpers will be warmly greeted if they would like to join us on Thursday 25th April. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.

Maths Eyes

Today we spent the morning exploring maths through several pictures from real life settings. There were a number of challenges that required the children to think logically as well as testing their mathematical knowledge. Overall they worked very well in their groups and were able to give some very detailed reasoning which helped to deepen their knowledge. Fantastic work everyone.