Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 10,000,000

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This week Year 6 have started their first numeracy topic: Place Value. They have blown Miss Reid away with their prior knowledge and have had an excellent start! On Thursday, we played some place value games where the children had to roll a 10 sided nice to find their digit. They then had to use their digits to make a number, trying to make a number which was greater than their partners. After that, we each wrote down a digit on our whiteboards. The digit was determined by our birthdate. e.g if you’re born on the 13th you would do 1+3=4 so your digit is 4. Miss Reid then picked 7 names at random and got those children to the front of the class with their whiteboard. The class had to work together to order the children and their digits to make the largest possible number and then the smallest possible number. The class were excellent at this and were able to talk about the value each column held so could make the greatest/smallest number with great ease.  

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