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Creating a cave wall

In our creative lessons, we have been working towards creating our very own cave wall with cave art. We took time this week to collect tools that Stone Age people would have used from our school grounds, such as sticks, berries and flowers. We then combined the materials we found to create our very own paint, we used the paint to create our cave art on top of our cave backgrounds which we made look rugged using lentils and grains.



We tested them in our sketch books by rubbing. We identified which materials made the best marks and which would have been most useful in the Stone Age. Our favorite Stone Age colouring tools were the berries – they made a very bright mark! We labelled them carefully so that we can remember what materials created those marks.


Next, it was time to create paint using materials they would have had in the Stone Age such as berries and herbs. We mixed them with water and flour. The paint took lots of mixing! We then painted stripes in our sketchbook, while trying to think of a way to make some of our paints darker. We tried using mud to make our paint darker.


Finally, it was time to make our cave wall. We stuck lentils and grains onto a piece of cardboard.


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