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Creative – D&T

The children used the tablets to help them research different materials and their properties in this D&T lesson.

We began by learning that any substance that is used to make something is a material. Natural materials such as stone, wood and cotton are used or worked with in the way they are found in nature. Synthetic or man-made materials are made from natural materials, but are altered with the help of heat or chemicals. Some examples include plastics, polyester and Kevlar. The words used to describe a material are known as its properties. Each material has its own set of properties. These properties make different materials useful for different purposes.

With this in mind, the children were then given their main activity for the lesson. The children referred back to their superheroes and considered what properties their costumes, weapons, armour etc. would have. They researched the different materials that had these properties and decided which material would be the best option for their superhero. They made a note of this and write down justification for each material. At the end of the lesson, they shared their findings with the rest of the class.

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School