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We began the lesson by discussing the different ways of sending secret signals that have been used over hundreds of years.

We looked at Morse Code in particular and learnt about when it was invented and by whom and how sounds or flashing lights can be used to communicate messages. We discussed the importance of Morse Code during WWII. The children were provided with a copy of Morse Code and we dimmed the lights. I sent a short message (pausing between each letter) with the children writing down the message. I highlighted how the bulb only lit up when the circuit was complete – when it was broken it went out!

The children were then given a training exercise… They got into groups of six and created two ‘mini signallers’ . After this, they sent secret codes to another group of children!

The children sent messages back & forth, recording & deciphering the messages as they went.

We finished by discussing whether the message got through what the advantages & disadvantages of Morse Code were.

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