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 Our Eco Council consists of two representatives from every class and together they think about how we can look after the environment, our school and its grounds. Sacred Heart has lovely grounds, wild areas, and garden space and we don’t have a litter problem outside. However, Eco Council think we can do more!  

The Big Clean Up: The Issue: Recently, our school has been victim to fly tippers who have selfishly left their waste behind, spoiling our roads in and out of school. The Solution: Eco Council decided that enough is enough. We set a plan into action and organised our own fundraiser so that we could raise some money to hire a skip to get rid of the rubbish. Our coffee and cake morning was a great success and we managed to recruit lots of adult helpers. The Big Day: At 12pm, when Eco Council had finished their lunch, they were greeted at the office by a team of grown ups who had all dedicated their time to help us make a start on the mammoth task that was ahead of us. Parents, grandparents and governors helped to make up the army and within 2 hours we had filled our skip and a dumper truck. The helpers that we had were so appalled and astounded at the rubbish, they told Mr Naughton that they would come back next week to finish the job.

Fundraisers The Eco Council hosted a Cake and Coffee morning to help them raise money for our ‘Big Clean Up’. We welcomed a stream of guests who were all extremely generous with their donations, helping us reach our target. This gave us the chance to hire a skip for our ‘Big Clean Up’ but also to look at purchasing some new equipment for Eco Council to use. As well as a cake and coffee sale, Eco Council also had a cake competition. This was open to children across the school. For a £2 donation the children were able to enter the competition for the chance to be named The Sacred Heart Bake Off Winner. It was a tough competition and there were several entries from almost every class.

Paper Recycling Eco Councils next venture is to ensure our school recycles more paper. Eco Council have made a pledge that by September, the beginning of the new school year, every classroom will have a waste paper bin. It will be the responsibility of each Eco Councillor to make sure that their classes are following this rules.

“Bee”ing kind at Sacred Heart: This year our main mission as Eco Warriors is to protect the precious environment around us. This includes the wildlife and, most importantly, our bees.

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and we rely heavily on them for pollinating crops. Here at Sacred Heart we are dedicated and committed to helping our buzzing friends in any way we can. During spring term, we hope to get into our school yard and plant a variety of bee friendly plants in a specially designed “Bee Garden”. Hopefully, this will grow to be a beautiful, relaxing and nourishing place for bees to fuel up before their journey through the windy fields of Byermoor.

Reducing School Waste: Eco Council have teamed up with TerraCycle to ensure we reach our target of reducing the schools waste. We have launched the crisp packet recycle scheme with recycle bins place around school for children to dispose of their waste considerately.

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