Enterprise Days

Virgin Money – Make it Grow

Last year children took part in the Virgin money ‘Make £5 grow’ scheme. Each child in class received a loan of £5 to use however they wanted to make a profit. The children got into groups and discussed ideas. Once they had chosen an idea, they had to figure out costings, sourcing the materials, setting a price and calculating profit.

The children came up with some brilliant ideas for making money which included selling candy floss, being pied in the face, holding a keepy-up competition and washing cars, among other things. The children really enjoyed taking part in the scheme and were able to make some great profits on their initial £5.

The results showed the following profits for the groups: Pie a Leaver £30, Pick a Smoothie £20.91, Candyfloss £20.14, Kick ups £18.15, Tank mixers £17.70, Wash n go £22, Loom bands £17.01 – class total £145.91 profit!

Cake Sales

Each class holds a cake sale once a term to raise money for their class funds. The children will then use the funds as they like during the year to either buy class resources, break time games, or on a trip. They also donate a portion of the money to the children at the Bauleni School in Zambia.

Christmas Crafts

Every year the Friends and children work furiously in getting ready for the Christmas Craft Fair which usually takes place in the first week of December. All children use their entrepreneurial skills by reinvesting their Autumn cake sale money to purchase and make crafts to sell. Take a look at what some of the classes made this year… Enterprise Day 2019