Equality & Accessibility

Single Equality Scheme

Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)

All public sector bodies are subject to the Public Sector Equality Duty. The duty requires schools to take steps not just to eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment, but also to actively promote equality. 

Our current equality objectives are:

  • To ensure that all pupils gain the knowledge they need to prepare them for adult life, through a curriculum that meets the needs of all. The curriculum will be planned to meet the needs of the pupils and not driven by external factors.
  • To narrow the achievement gap for children and young people, including children in care, by ensuring increased opportunities and improved outcomes. We will monitor and review Pupil Premium expenditure to secure the best outcomes for pupils and provide inspiration, encouragement and support for them to achieve within school and move on to the best possible destinations.
  • To help children to fulfill their full potential, by supporting families and focusing support on improving the lives of the most vulnerable children. 

Sacred Heart (part of the St Thomas More Partnership of Schools) is fully committed to complying with PSED.


Sacred Heart (part of the St Thomas More Partnership of Schools) is a multi-cultural, multi-racial community of both adults and pupils. We believe that everyone in the Trust is of equal value and should have equal opportunities in school, the community and in life.

Many people in our society are discriminated against and treated as if they are worth less than others because of their race, religion or language; because of their gender or sexuality; because of their class or because of a disability. This is not acceptable in our Trust.

People are individuals and therefore different. They have different needs and different contributions to make to the life of our schools and of the community. The staff and governors for their part strive to give unconditional trust and ask of pupils that they endeavour to be honest and give respect to other people and their property. There may be times when the relationship between a member of staff and a pupil breaks down. In such cases, the Trust will give all the support it can to the pupil concerned and to his or her parents, even though redress to exclusion may be necessary.

Equal opportunities is not about treating everybody the same. It is about meeting people’s individual needs and appreciating their individual strengths and gifts. We are all different and should all be equally valued. Everything that follows in this statement is to help everyone involved make the St Thomas More Partnership of Schools a real equal opportunities and inclusive Trust.


Our main aim is to offer an education appropriate to each individual pupil’s needs, regardless of their race, colour, ethnic or national origins, gender, sexual orientation, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity or religious beliefs.

We aim to ensure equal access to educational opportunities for all our pupils, and the opportunity to reach levels of attainment appropriate to their ability. We regard all our pupils as being of equal value and to ensure that the needs of all pupils are identified and met, and that they are able to achieve their full potential, helping to raise standards across the Trust.

We aim to ensure that active encouragement is given to all pupils in order to enable them to develop fully talents and personal skills for co-operative interaction and academic excellence. No one person has the right to deny another person his or her educational opportunity.

We aim to ensure that everyone at the schools, (staff, pupils, parents, carers, contractors and visitors) are afforded the basic rights of freedom and access to opportunity, including freedom from all forms of harassment or bullying.

Where contractors are working on-site, measures will be taken to ensure, as far as possible, that their employees operate according to the Trust’s equal opportunities policies.

We aim to challenge in a positive way any form of prejudice, racism or sexism, whether overt or covert, which contradicts the Trust’s single equality scheme, (including disability, gender and racial equality policies and codes of conduct). This means adopting a consistent and unambiguous stand, from which we strive to overcome prejudice and ensure equality of opportunity for all, thus protecting the rights and liberties of every individual.

We aim to create and retain a workforce that is valued for its diverse contributions and represents different perspectives, ethnic backgrounds, experience and skills. To achieve this, the schools will maintain strong community/parental links, and governors will give support to the schools and all their stakeholders, to ensure an effective educational delivery. 

Please see our Equality Policy which details how we will achieve our Equality Objectives by clicking through to our School Policies page.

For more information please contact:

Mr P Naughton  (Headteacher with responsibility for equality issues)
Tel: 01207 270396
Email: info@sacredheartgateshead.org

Mrs C Iles (Chair of Governors) – Please contact the school for details.