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We began our creative lesson by discussing/revising what we had learnt in the previous lesson about trade in the Victorian era. We discussed how we would be learning more about trade by playing a game. The objective of the game was to draw rectangular tables with an area of 24cm² which would generate money. The children were divided into five groups, with a maximum of 6 children in each group. Each group represented a different country. As most teams did not have all the necessary resources at the beginning of the game, namely pencils, rulers and ‘mahogany logs’ (paper) to produce the tables, the countries would need to trade with each other to obtain the necessary resources. We discussed how to calculate area and went through some mental calculations, e.g. what is the area of a rectangle with length 6cm and width 8cm? The children then played the game. Afterwards, we discussed the strategy that each group adopted. We considered which group was most successful and whether the game was fair. We linked the game to trade in the world and looked at the difference between free trade and fair trade.

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