Fantastic week for Year 3

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Year 3 continue to work very hard working from home and have produced lots of fantastic pieces of work. This week, the children were asked to re-write a diary entry about a trip to the farm which originally included lots of mistakes. The children’s task was to improve the spelling, grammar and add in extra SPaG in order to make the diary sound a lot more inviting and interesting to read. The children included lots of examples of previous learnt material from this week and other weeks such as fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, using ‘their, there and they’re’ correctly, exciting verbs and possessive apostrophes. In creative, the children are learning all about our continent, Europe. This week’s task involved the children researching the similarities and differences between temperatures and populations among various European countries. The work the children produced was very clear and informative. We have also had some fantastic art work and have even had Trevor, the local peacock in one of our gardens! Keep up the great work Year 3, you can do this!

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