First Day of Year 5

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Today was our first day in year 5 with our new teacher, Miss Reid. We began the day by sharing our favourite summer moments before discussing what we can do this year to be a great classmate! The whole class agreed that they will be polite, friendly and helpful pupils this year. Mr Naughton held a welcome back assembly for us before break which was indoor due to the rain, boo. After break we came back to class and started to think about the many talents that we have. Everyone was given 3 strips of paper to write down 3 things they believe themselves to be good at. We had everything from Taekwondo to smiling! Over lunch time, Miss Reid attached all of our talents together which made a paper chain that was the length of the classroom! We’re going to ask Mr Dixon very kindly if he can hang it up for us across the classroom ceiling to help remind us what we can achieve when we all work together.

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