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This week has been full of opportunities to learn. We have begun our work with Mr. Woods in Numeracy, learning about number and place value, and we have even started looking at healthy and unhealthy diets in science. During this afternoon’s lesson, we talked about the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods and even shared some of our personal experiences with different foods. “My daddy has lots of cola and that’s a lot of sugar. He eats 36g of sugar in each can.” “Even though cola comes in diet, it has lots of chemicals in it still.” “Strawberries still have sugar in but they’re not as bad as sweets.” In other news, we have had our Curriculum Open Evenings this week for parents and new starters. Didn’t make the meeting? Don’t worry – The relevant documents will soon be on our school website for your perusal. We have also been accessing our RE curriculum by beginning the unit entitled ‘Beginnings’. The purpose of this unit is to introduce us to new starts. To celebrate our learning, we had a drama lesson, acting as new students to the school and showing the variety of emotions this can bring.   Miss Bray  

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