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Hearing Impairment Assembly

This afternoon during our celebration assembly we had the chance to tell the whole school all we know about hearing impairments. We talked about the different types of hearing loss and the difference in the variations of deafness. We also looked at hearing aids and discussed the importance of the radio aids that the hearing impaired children in our school all have.

The children also highlighted what other children and staff can do around school to support those children that have a hearing impairment. We had a great response from the rest of the school in assembly and they were all able to point out things that may be a challenge to those children that have a hearing impairment, for example fiddling with pens and pencils on a desk, whispering when the teacher is talking or simply not facing a child when speaking to them.

Mr Naughton, and myself, think the class did an excellent job at delivering the presentation in front of the 200 plus children that were sat in front of them. An extra well done to Grace who started and ended the presentation herself! What a lovely way to end a great week, well done year 5!

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School