Heart Zone is a wrap around care service that is provided Monday to Friday for Sacred Heart registered children from pre-school up to Y6.

The children will be collected from their classrooms at the end of the school day by a member of staff and taken to Heart Zone. You can use Heart Zone as often or as little as you like - everyday, once a week or just on the odd occasion when you can't make your life fit in with school hours!

Heart Zone runs from 3.10pm until 5.45pm.

The first hour (3.10pm - 4.10pm) costs £4.00 per child.

The full night (3.10pm - 5.45pm) will cost £8.00 per child.

You can collect your child at any time but you will be charged for the full night if they are collected later than 4.10pm. Sibling discount is available for parents with more than one child attending.

Please take a look at our Heartzone leaflet for more information -  Heart Zone Leaflet