At Sacred Heart, our faith is central to everything we do and we show this in many ways. We have regular assemblies, masses and liturgies to which parents are always welcome.  Fr Kelly also visits every class to support our RE curriculum and each class has regular visits to explore our own parish church.

Our curriculum and ethos instil the Gospel values in our children, teaching them to be kind, caring, forgiving and respectful young people. Links are made between the teachings of Jesus and how we behave and treat others in our own lives.The curriculum we follow is based around the ‘Come and See’ scheme as recommended by the Bishop’s Conference. More information can be found in the RE Curriculum section.

We expect all children to participate in various RE activities, and we always aim to include all children wherever appropriate.  All children have opportunities to lead and participate in prayers, readings and singing whatever their religion.  We embrace the culture and heritage of all children and follow a planned programme of work to raise multi-cultural awareness.


Prayer is an integral part of school life. In school we pray in lots of different ways:

  • During the week pupils from all year groups gather together at assemblies and services.
  • Prayer at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • There are regular circle times and prayer services in classrooms.
  • Each classroom has a dedicated prayer area which includes words from Scripture, Liturgical images, artefacts and prayers.
  • Time and opportunities are given for personal prayer.
  • Weekly participation in Mass.
  • Lunchtime prayer groups are held for pupils (Rosary group, Advent, Lent).
  • During Lent Fr Kelly leads prayer sessions in our Forest School, which we use as the Prayer Garden so we feel close to nature with God

We work hard to include families in the prayer life of our school by encouraging them to attend assemblies and prayer services throughout the year