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We began the lesson by discussing that when we gather together as a family for special occasions, one of things that many people do is reminisce about past stories or events. Sometimes these are funny or serious stories about things that have happened. They are special to our families.

Every year during spring time the Jewish people get ready to come together as families to celebrate the festival of the Passover or Pesach. During Pesach Jewish people remember the story of how God delivered them from slavery in Egypt, how God still takes care of them and how they is still the need for freedom in some places of the world.

We then looked at the story of the Exodus. We learnt how God chose Moses to lead the Israelites to freedom. Pharaoh sent his soldiers after Moses and the people as they were leaving Egypt but God led them unharmed over the Red sea towards the desert, so they got away safely. God had freed them from slavery. so today Jewish people celebrate Passover or Pesach (the Jewish word for Passover), to remember that God passed over his people, so no disasters had happened to them, and lead them to freedom.

The children were then given their main activity for the lesson. Working in mixed ability pairs, the children used what they had learned to create an information guide on the Passover. They answered several key questions:

What is Passover? Where does it come from? Who celebrates Passover? How is it celebrated?

At the end of the lesson, the children shared their information guides with the rest of the class.

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