Kensuke’s Kingdom Debate

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Following our lesson on researching what Michael’s bedroom might have looked like in 1988, the children took part in a class debate. We recapped the end of the first chapter of Kensuke’s Kingdom: Michael was off on a round the world trip on a boat. We discussed that there would be many positives and negatives in doing this. The children were split into two groups, One group thought of arguments for the trip and one group thought of arguments against the trip. The children worked together to think of lots of convincing arguments. After a period of time, the children were invited to stand and read their argument. The opposing side had the opportunity to reply with a counter argument before giving their own argument. The two sides put forward their arguments and counter arguments and these were written on the board. By the end of the lesson, the children had created some compelling arguments on both sides. These will be used in our writing when we create a discussion text later on in the week.

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