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Kensuke’s Kingdom Roleplay

In this lesson, the children got together in mixed ability groups to carry out some roleplay based around Kensuke’s Kingdom. First of all, the children were shown an example play script of Jack and Jill. The children worked with a partner to discuss the purpose of a play script and the features. Some children were given different roles from the play script and acted it out. Using this to help them, the children go into groups of four to plan out their own play script for their roleplay. The children decided who would be doing each part: Michael, mum, dad and narrator. Once they had written out their plan, the children were gieven time to practice their roleplay. At the end of the lesson, they showed their roleplays to the rest of the class. This will help the children in the next lesson when they write up their play scripts into their books.

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School