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This week, our work has been inspired by the frustrations and excitement of Gervase Phinn’s poem ‘My Story’. The children have devised original scenes set in classrooms, and shouts, giggles and play-acting ensued.

 Visit our school facebook page to watch a video of our work.

My Story by Gervase Phinn “My story on Monday began: Mountainous seas crashed on the cliffs, And the desolate land grew wetter … The teacher wrote a little note: Remember the capital letter! My poem on Tuesday began: Red tongues of fire, Licked higher and higher From smoking Etna’s top … The teacher wrote a little note: Where is your full stop? My story on Wednesday began: Through the lonely, pine-scented wood There twists a hidden path … The teacher wrote a little note: Start a paragraph! My poem on Thursday began: The trembling child, Eyes dark and wild, Frozen midst the fighting … The teacher wrote a little note: Take care – untidy writing! My story on Friday began: The boxer bruised and bloody lay, His eye half closed and swollen … The teacher wrote a little note: Use a semi-colon! Next Monday my story will begin: Once upon a time…”

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