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Letters and sounds

We follow phase one of the letters and sounds programme which promotes children’s speaking and listening skills. Each week the children take part in different activities. This week’s were a listening walk in school and drumming outdoors.

For the listening walk the children decorated GIANT EARS and walked around school. They listened to the sounds they could hear such as the hand dryer, a tambourine, phone ringing, music and children. We visited year 5’s classroom who are on their visit to Kingswood and one of our children said “It’s quiet in here, there isn’t any noises”

We used chopsticks as beaters and tried drumming lots of different materials. The children walked around the play area and listened to different sounds using the tunnel, metal fence, wooden fence and a bat. When they were ‘playing’ against the metal fence the children played ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’. Also one child commented that “the tunnel and fence sound different. The tunnel is metal and the fence is plastic”

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School