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Light – Shadows

We began our final lesson light by doing a quiz on all the things we have learned so far on light. We went through the questions together and addressed any misconceptions. Following this the children discussed whether shadows are the same shape as the object that casts them. They investigated this by using torches and different objects to cast shadows. We discovered that shadows do have the same shape. This is because when an object is in the path of light travelling from a light source, it will block the light rays that hit it, while the rest of the light can continue travelling. Therefore, the shadow it casts is exactly the same shape.

 However, a shadow can change size depending on the distance the object casting it is from the light source. Shadows can also be elongated or shortened depending on the angle of the light source.

To finish, we learned about a dispute between Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke over Newton’s theory of light and colour. We learned how Isaac Newton used his experiment to prove his theory to others.

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