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Year 2 had a fantastic morning at Lintz Hall Farm in Burnopfield. The children were involved in lots of fun activities such as learning all about the production line and how eggs are checked using a range of machinery and packaged ready to be taken to shops and supermarkets. They also had a go at cracking eggs into a bowl, whisking them and examining them carefully and had a discussion about what we use eggs for such as making cakes etc. Next, the children sat on the back of the tractor and held 10 day old chicks. We even met ‘George the chicken’ and we all told him to ‘get back to work!’ The children all came away with a goodie bag, including a free box of eggs to be enjoyed at home. In the afternoon, the children ventured to Dunston Leisure Centre where they had their first school swimming lesson. The children never stopped smiling the whole day. What a fantastic start to the week, Year 2!

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