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In our literacy lesson, we created a timeline of the events that happen in chapter 6 of Kensuke’s Kingdom. We then wrote a play script based on these events, focusing on using adverbs effectively in our stage directions and structuring our writing properly. This lesson, we edited and improved our play scripts so that they could be used to create the best performance possible. For example, we included movements in our stage directions so that the characters would not just stand still and deliver lines. We then got into mixed ability groups and selected one of the play scripts to perform, based on which play script met the success criteria best. We rehearsed, then performed in front of the class. Whilst each group was performing, the rest of the class watched the play script on the visualiser, and we worked together to identify any particular aspects of the play script (e.g. a particular adverb in a stage direction) led to a particularly good performance.


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