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Making Stone Age Stewed Fruit

After looking at the difference between farmers and hunter gathers in the Stone Age, we moved on to discussing the different types of food they had available and what their diet was like. We then decided to make a Stone Age meal of our own and we chose to make stone age stewed fruit. Back in the stone age, berries and fruit would have been easily accessible and research shows that prehistoric people would have been able to gather honey. We decided to use these ingredients when making our stone age meal.  Here’s how we did it:

We carefully chopped apples and placed them into a pan.


Next, we added berries and honey to the pan and took it in turns to stir the mixture.


Then, we added the mixture to the hob and let it simmer for 20 minutes while we wrote up our instructions.

Once the 20 minutes was up, we took the mixture off the hob and let it cool.

Finally, once the mixture had cooled down we were able to sit back and enjoy our creation.


Here are our thoughts:

”Brilliant” – Isabella

”It’s really nice” – Jacob

”Sweet” – Naevia

”Disgusting” – John

”Lovely” – Ivy

”It’s indescribable!” – James

”Revolting” – Rory

”Delicious” – Oscar

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