Meeting astronaut, Michael Foale.

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What a fantastic morning Year 2 have had today! At 9:20am, the children set off to the Xcel Centre in Newton Aycliffe to meet astronaut, Michael Foale. We learnt all about how Michael became an astronaut, what inspired him and taught us that in life you may not get everything you want first time but it’s important to keep a positive mindset and keep trying and trying until you succeed. We watched real footage of Michael’s amazing experiences as an astronaut and saw what Earth looks like from Space. From the videos we also saw some of the amazing rockets Michael used to travel to Space – they were very noisy during blast off! Michael was very inspirational and answered some of our questions on what we need to do to be future scientists and astronauts. This experience was an fantastic way to recap our Space Camp activities from this year, which I’m sure the children will remember for a very long time. Year 2 were very well behaved throughout the day and were a fantastic representation of our school.  

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