Mount Vesuvius

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Today, as part of our Creative topic on Horrible Histories, we moved on from the Stone Age and fast forwarded 10,000 years to The Romans. We focussed on the natural disaster that hit a famous Roman City in 79AD, Pompeii. The bustling city was wiped out by a devastating volcano eruption. The children looked at where Mount Vesuvius is based, how it erupted and how volcanoes are formed. We then created our very own volcanoes using play dough and made them erupt using a chemical reaction between vinegar and  bicarbonate of soda. We also used red food colouring to make it look like lava! The children had a fantastic time and were fascinated when their volcanoes erupted. The children could explain that the pressure build up caused the eruption. Excellent work, Year 3!   30EAEB3E-9A27-4B18-A508-4FF3D3C8ADC5

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