Pre-school Policies

Pre-school Policies

Policies and Procedures are available to read in Little Hearts Pre-school.If you wish to have a personal copy please contact the Early Years team on 07789 292110, copies can also be emailed.

Any parents/carers wishing to contribute or make any comments about policies please contact us.

  • Absence management
  • Administering medicines
  • Admissions
  • Animals in the setting
  • Application to join
  • Arrivals and departures
  • British values
  • Channel vulnerability assessment framework (HMG)
  • Childcare terms and conditions
  • Children’s records
  • Children’s rights and entitlements
  • Confidentiality and client access to records
  • Critical incident
  • Educare – Promoting Positive Behaviour certificates
  • Emergency evacuation procedure
  • Employment
  • Example of risk assessments for outings
  • Fire drill record log
  • Fire safety and emergency evacuation
  • First aid
  • First aid box checklist
  • Food and drink
  • Food hygiene
  • Gateshead’s Area Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators
  • Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings (PHE)
  • Hand, foot and mouth (PHE)
  • Health and safety general standards
  • Individual health plan
  • Induction of employees and volunteers
  • Information sharing
  • Information sharing (HMG)
  • Legionnaires disease (HSE)
  • Looked after children
  • Looking after children and those in early years settings during heatwaves (PHE)
  • Maintaining children’s safety and security on premises
  • Making a complaint
  • Managing children who are sick, infectious, or with allergies
  • Medical information
  • Missing child
  • Nappy changing
  • Nappy changing record form
  • No smoking
  • Non-attending child
  • Notification of leaving
  • Online safety inc mobile phones and cameras
  • Parental involvement
  • Promoting positive behaviour
  • Prospectus
  • Provider records
  • Recording and reporting of accidents and incidents
  • Registration form
  • Risk assessment
  • Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Schedule of fees
  • Separated Families
  • Staff development and training
  • Staff personal safety including home visits
  • Staffing (group provision)
  • Student placements
  • Supervision of children on outings and visits
  • Supervisions
  • Supporting children with special educational needs
  • The prevent duty (DfE)
  • The role of the key person and settling in
  • Transfer of records to school and transitions
  • Uncollected child
  • Valuing diversity and promoting inclusion and equality
  • Well-being and involvement in care
  • Whistleblowing
  • Working in partnership with other agencies

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