Online Office

Miss Cook, our Business Manager and Miss Frost, our Apprentice Administrator work in our school office and are more than happy to help you with any queries you may have. They can be contacted on 01207 270396 or [email protected]

Please inform us immediately of any changes to your contact details so we can keep up to date records and can contact you easily if required.

  Administering Medicine

If your child has short term prescribed medication (e.g. Antibiotics) that needs administering at school please complete our 'Prescribed Medication Consent Form'

If your child has an allergy or hayfever and needs prescribed medication (e.g. antihistamine) in school please complete our 'Allergy Card Form'

If your child has asthma and needs a prescribed inhaler in school please complete our 'Asthma Card Form'

The school will not accept medication unless it is in accordance with our Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy and Procedures and the appropriate form is completed and signed by the parent/carer of the pupil. Medicines must be in the original containers as dispensed by the pharmacy with a prescription sticker visible.

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