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Open Day 2019

This year, for Open Day, Year 6 showed everyone their love for the environment by creating a variety of environmentally friendly activities. As part of a carousel, the children switched between 4 jobs: weeding, painting, bee bath making and bird feeder making.

Job 1 saw the children helping to weed part of the school yard. We are hoping to plant lots of colourful, bee friendly plants to help our fuzzy companions.

Job 2 was creating a postcard painting, only using the colours green, yellow, black and white. the children had to use a variety of techniques using a sponge and a brush to create their own masterpiece. Once they had finished, we stuck them to a piece of card and added our pledge to the environment.

Job 3 involved the children doing a quick sweep of the yard and surrounding areas to find some natural resources to help construct their bee bath. Once they had all they needed, the sprung to work and we ended up with some fantastic new additions to our yard!

Job 4 was all about the birds. Firstly, we halved an apple before scooping out some of the inside. Following this, we mixed water with gelatin and stirred it until the gelatin had dissolved. When it had we added the bird seeds. The final step for today was the stuff the hole we had created with the seed. The apples have been put to set in the fridge and will be finished another day. Our final step involves attaching twine to the fruit so that it can be hung from a tree in the playground for the birds to enjoy.

What an excellent afternoon we’ve had!

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School