Ofsted Report


Section 8 Inspection – 6th and 7th October 2021

The school received a Section 8 inspection on the 6th and 7th October 2021. We are really pleased with the many positive comments made by the inspector, during his visit. We are delighted that the inspector recognised our school as a ‘friendly and welcoming place’ where ‘teachers and pupils all care about each other’. The inspector also remarked on our ‘caring and nurturing environment’ where ‘pupils feel safe and well cared for’. We were immensely proud to receive this feedback as it is exactly the type of ethos that we strive to create at Sacred Heart.

The inspection also recognised that the ‘school’s curriculum has many strengths’ and ‘subject curricula are rich in knowledge’. They observed many lessons around the school and noted that ‘classrooms buzz with activity’ and that ‘teachers have good subject knowledge’ and that they ‘skilfully adapt resources’ to support pupils learning. As always, the children were a real credit to the school. I would like to extend my thanks to parents and carers who work with us in partnership to ensure that ‘pupils’ behaviour is excellent’. The inspector commented that pupils ‘treat each other with kindness and respect’ and that their ‘positive attitudes to learning are a delight’. We were pleased that the areas the inspector identified for improvement are part of our current school improvement plan. In fact, we had already begun to look at a new phonics scheme. We look forward to welcoming OFSTED back to show our progress in the next couple of years. I hope you enjoy reading the report in full and share my delight in its many positives.

Section 5 Inspection – 30th September and 1st October 2015

The school received a Section 5 inspection on the 30th September & 1 October 2015. We were delighted to be awarded outstanding with the report highlighting lots of positives.

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