Ouseburn/Victoria Tunnel Trip

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The children had a great time as they visited the Victoria Tunnel / Ouseburn as part of their creative topic on the Victorians. The children had the opportunity to see, hold and discuss objects from the Victorian era including money and a teacher’s cane. Next, they visited the Victoria tunnel and learned how it was built and what it was used for. This also included a spooky story that was told in absolute darkness! After this, the children explored the Ouseburn area to see how it had changed from the Victorian era. We also thought about how the river Tyne had been used in the past and how this had changed too. Finally, we had the chance to visit Ouseburn farm, spend some time at a local park and buy a few things from the Seven Stories shop. Thankfully the weather was okay with just a light drizzle. What a fantastic day!

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